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North Port, Florida — Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer Content of suicide Friday letter. In the letter, Laundry claimed responsibility for Gabby Petito’s death.

Petite was reported missing on September 11, and her body was found on September 19 in Bridger Teaton, Wyoming. Remaining Discovered on September 19 in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Laundry was then searched by police and his body was found on October 20, 2021.

Brian said in a letter that Gabby had fallen and was in pain. On page 7 of the letter, Laundry talked about what he did.

“I don’t know the extent of Gabby’s injury, but she just felt extreme pain,” Loudley wrote. “I ended her life. I thought that was what she wanted and was benevolent, but now I see all the mistakes I made. I panicked. I was shocked, but from the moment I decided, I got rid of her pain. I knew I couldn’t go without her. “

On the next page, Laundry said, “I hurried home to spend the time I left with my family.” He said, “I wanted to drive north and let James or TJ kill me, but I don’t want to spend my mistakes in jail, even if they’re sure they’re (unknown).


Laundry said in a letter, “I ended my life not because I was afraid of punishment, but because I couldn’t bear to live another day without her.”

“I’m sorry I lost everyone,” Laundry wrote. “Don’t bother my family’s life. They lost their son and daughter. A wonderful girl in the world. I’m sorry Gabby.”

“I committed suicide in this stream, hoping that the animal might tear me up. It might make a part of her family happy. Pick up all of me Please. Gabby hated people who dumped trash. “

The full letter can be seen below.

Brian Laundrie’s suicide note To ABC Action News With Scribd

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