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Brian Williams responded to Geraldo Rivera with a seemingly ironic tone of a picture of him playing golf on the screen about Donald Trump’s “tackle” COVID-19 “FDR-like dedication.” It flashed.

Brian Williams, 61, got everyone’s attention at his show, 11 hours He responded directly to MSNBC and Twitter on November 20th. Geraldo RiveraClaim Donald TrumpThe 74-year-old is responsible for “miracle medical progress” with respect to COVID-19, and he has become quite salty! The camera cut into journalists shortly after Gerald discussed the potential of the COVID-19 vaccine in the future and suggested that the United States would be “waiting for a harsh winter” without Trump. At that time, he seemed to be sarcastic about Gerald’s opinion, including a comparison between Trump and the 32nd President of the United States, and trolled the president. Franklin D. Loose Belt, A series of pictures showing Trump’s golf flashed across the screen.

“For my money, Gerald has a good point, where he may not have given enough credit to the president for his FDR-like dedication to tackle the virus.” He said. “His laser-like focus, his daily dedication, the sympathy he forever expresses to the family of 250,000 dead.”

Then, as Brian continued, a clip was shown with the protective face mask removed for a photo shoot when Trump returned to the White House after suffering his match at COVID. “Even the way the president wears a mask to stop the spread, and even teaches us that way as he always advocates injections,” he said of Trump’s successful food and beverage products. In 2011, in multiple investigations, lawsuits, and student complaints, he continued before making a cheeky mention of some and the suspension of activities at Trump University. “Gerald may be working on something. What Trump Steak did for hunger, what Trump Water did for thirst in our country, Trump University educates in our country. What I did to lift those who did not receive it. “

Brian Williams caught the attention of MSNBC viewers and Twitter users on November 20th when he appeared to troll Donald Trump in response to comments from Geraldo Rivera. (AP)

“Well, Trump’s vaccine is coming,” Brian concludes with a photo of a simulated vaccine bottle with Trump’s face displayed next to the needle. “The possibilities are endless, I think you agree.”

After Trump aired and Brian’s comments about the video clip spread throughout Twitter, users were forced to respond with tweets about memorable moments. “I like @ 11th Hour and Brian Williams getting salty. Lol,” read one tweet and shouted “Bravo, Brian!”

“The virus itself should be named after Trump, not the vaccine. The third tweet reads” #trumpvirus “and the fourth tweet is” I love it. Brian Williams’s irony. He’s very good at it. is.”

Brian’s comment comes after public criticism of how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic since Trump began to spread among Americans earlier this year. One of the recent comments from many Americans, including celebrities, was a tweet on October 5 that told people to “don’t be afraid” or “control it” of the virus. He shared the word after announcing that he had been diagnosed with the virus. After being hospitalized for a few days, he returned to the White House to recover.

Brian Williams trolls Trump after saying Gerald isn’t credible – Hollywood Life

Source link Brian Williams trolls Trump after saying Gerald isn’t credible – Hollywood Life

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