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Tucson, Arizona 2021-12-02 21:49:44 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Support for dangerous flood areas is underway. KGUN9’s Operation Safe Roads are investigating new bridges under construction on roads that could endanger drivers in the event of heavy rain.

Harrison’s crossing of the Pantano Wash is a very frequent floodlight, so the KGUN9 crew regularly shoots live during the monsoon. But now Regional Transportation Bureau We are working on a plan to remove the flood threat.

When heavy rain hits the eastern side of Tucson, you wouldn’t want to be on Harrison Road, halfway between Golf Links and Irbington.

Pantano wash often flows across the road with sufficient depth and force to trap the driver in the car.

The bridge over this issue has been included in the regional transport plan since voters approved the plan 15 years ago. Currently, RTA is preparing to realize the bridge.

Jim Degrude, Deputy Director of RTA, said: The floodplains at this location are very large and the current standard is to be fully expanded and provide at least 500 years of flooding. “

The city of Tucson believes that the southeastern side is growing very fast, and the bridge and the roads leading to it should be four lanes wide. The design and its payment method is something that the city and RTA have to settle.

Raven lunch It’s on the edge of where the new bridge goes. Horse lovers ride about 80 horses with Dave and Lydia Bichek. She says the bridge will make things more convenient for customers.

“Most of the time, customers have to go around. When the road is closed, they have to go around. The floods haven’t actually reached our property. So that’s not a problem for us, but if the roads are closed, it will take a little extra time to get here. “

But this bridge will make Harrison a safer road, no matter what the weather.

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