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Bridge to Tigerland closing; Can Baton Rouge, Fred’s agree on temporary pedestrian bridge? | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-11-27 05:00:00 –

The main link between Tigerland and the LSU campus, the Bob Pettit Boulevard Bridge, will be closed on Monday and will remain closed for several months as the city’s parish replaces the dilapidated Bayeuw Fountain crossroads. No discussion went anywhere to build a temporary pedestrian bridge.

The project is expected to be completed in mid-2022 and will block one of two access points to the neighborhood and bar districts that LSU students frequently visit. Tigerland residents and bar owners expect the situation to be unsuccessful.

Marc Fraioli, owner of Fred’s Bar and Grill, said: “I hope it helps in the long run. There has always been a problem with the bridge.”

According to city parish spokesman Mark Armstrong, city parish officials have decided to replace the bridge for months because the 52-year-old bridge is old and a safety concern. I want. This is one of several spans to be exchanged in the city’s parish, including bridges along Congress Boulevard, Callord, Monterey Boulevard, Mosside Lane and more.

“Our top priority is driver safety, and the bridge can no longer be used safely,” said Armstrong.

However, the dilapidated bridge is the closest access point to the Bar district from the LSU campus.

During the closure period, drivers will be required to enter the area from Brightside Drive and through Alvin Dark Avenue.

“We’re basically at the end of a mile dead end from Brightside,” Fraioli said. “If it’s a busy night and there’s one lane down the bright side to Tigerland, we could have predicted that it’s a parking lot for cars to drop off and pick up people.”

Pedestrians can cross the Bayeux fountain completely, as temporary pedestrian bridges may not be installed during the exchange, further deteriorating traffic and tempting bar patrons to look for another route. lose.

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“I know age-appropriate behavior, and I don’t tolerate it, but I can see people trying to find the fastest way,” Fraioli said. rice field. “I’m worried about someone climbing the fence and getting hurt … I imagine people will try to find a way.”

Issues regarding permission and funding for negotiations between the city parish and Freioli over the installation of a pedestrian bridge. Fraioli said he hadn’t given up on the idea, but Armstrong said installing the idea would delay the project even further.

“We can’t delay this. It’s a safety issue,” Armstrong said.

Fraioli expects the replacement of the bridge to have some impact on his business, just as the economic impact of the pandemic has been mitigated. However, the city parish’s decision to postpone the start of construction from the summer to the end of the football season has improved the situation, Freioli said.

“They need to manage the infrastructure of the city. Sometimes they have to take a step back to take a step forward,” says Fraioli. “We had to put our feet down. We are very grateful and grateful for the fact that they postponed it until the end of the football season.”

LSU concludes the 2021 regular season against Texas A & M on Saturday night. The 2019 project to improve railroad crossings on the bright side lasted four weeks during the football season, but was carried out during a long gap between home games.

As promised, Brightside Drive near LSU will resume before the Tigers confrontation with Arkansas

Aside from the impact on bar access, Tigerland residents, many of whom are not LSU students, are preparing to make their daily lives more difficult.

“It will be really annoying,” said 47-year-old Juan Gutierrez. It will be locked. Thousands of people live here. Many of these apartments have a whole family. “

Bridge to Tigerland closing; Can Baton Rouge, Fred’s agree on temporary pedestrian bridge? | News Source link Bridge to Tigerland closing; Can Baton Rouge, Fred’s agree on temporary pedestrian bridge? | News

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