Brie Larson, YouTube personality. With Oscar.

“It’s very tiring to spend a lot of time tickling all the details of what you’re trying to say in your head,” she said. “I needed to know that it’s okay to do ridiculous or simple things, and not everything will be blown up. This sounds really ridiculous after almost a year.”

She treated the video blog to study for a new project. “It’s kind of frustrating when I’m preparing for a role,” she said. “You want to think about them, you want to talk about them, and wherever you go, it’s like you get a sign of magic because your whole world is this love.”

Part of her research included a video call to a successful YouTuber to learn their secrets. In that first announcement video, there is a moment when Larson matches the emotional temperature of each vlogger.

“People love to live at a price through YouTuber, they love it, it’s weird.” Kelly stamp, Vlogger says In the video.. “Like reading my comment, people just say,’I love to see you looking at the camera.'” Being honest makes you more familiar. “

At the April Zoom Call, Larson tied her damp hair and secured the collar of her tartan-checked Batsheva smock dress. She had just recovered from the Captain Marvel 2 training session and had just emerged from the sauna and ice bath. From time to time she blogs training with trainer Jason Walsh. “I just wanted to feel in the human realm that I could achieve what she was doing in this superhero realm,” she said. “And that helped me inform the character. It just didn’t make sense to stand there and be like” CGI handles this. ” “

Over the years, Larson has learned how “plastic” her mind and body are. “They can change, good or bad, depending on what I’m doing,” she said. She had a hard time playing characters such as Joy Newsome in “Room” and Grace Howard in “Short Term 12”, but with Captain Marvel and Kit in her directorial debut “Unicorn Store”, she was herself. Home with her felt that she had embraced and incorporated some of the character’s traits.

Brie Larson, YouTube personality. With Oscar.

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