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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Centuries ago, downtown Tucson was full of wheat fields. Water scarcity and changing landscapes mean that Tucson are now getting wheat from elsewhere. As a result, the younger generation is not accustomed to the process of converting wheat from plants to tortillas.

“I think many young people are starting to get a little angry and are starting to realize that we are being cut off from the food system,” said Justin Risley, who lives in Tucson.

Ruth Ramos, who lives in Kentucky, said:

Therefore, the San Isidro Festival is held every year in the Mission Garden. To celebrate the history of wheat in the Sonoran Desert and give Tu Sonan their past taste.

“This is just a symbolic way to regain the tradition that has been part of Tucson for hundreds of years,” said Jesus Garcia, a research associate at the Sonoran Desert Museum.

Jesus Garcia guided the participants through the traditional process. He helped the horse spread a bunch of wheat on the ground for trampling, their hooves eventually separated the wheat seeds from the hay. Garcia was grown by harvesting wheat on a farm in Sonora, Mexico. In his childhood, this difficult and long process was necessary to survive.

“It wasn’t such a small amount. I would have had to use a few tonnes of wheat because I had been using it for the rest of the year,” Garcia said.

Now he is happy to be able to remember his roots without digging into his roots.

“It’s reassuring to be able to see this again. Perhaps through my eyes, regaining the whole process, letting hundreds of people see it and experience what it’s like to eat flour. Where do tortillas and hard work come from? “

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Bringing back wheat farming traditions from Sonora to Tucson Source link Bringing back wheat farming traditions from Sonora to Tucson

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