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Corpus Christi, Texas — A man from Coastal Bend said he was working hard to gain that position in the art world.

When Harry Rosa Jr. was five, he said painting was a way to deal with anxiety and the ups and downs of life.

“And that’s when something like art took me out of it, and during this time I got to San Antonio,” said Harry Rosa Jr.

Rowser Jr. wanted to paint and become an artist, but didn’t know how to get started until he saw another artist painting a caricature in front of Alamo in 2010. He said.

“Then I saw his artwork and how happy he was because he was doing what he liked,” Rowser Jr. said.

After that, he got some painting materials from his aunt, went to Riverwalk, and started his career as a caricature artist.

Originally from Bronx, Rosa moved to South Carolina and joined the Navy after graduating from high school.

He said he did a lot of work, but art was his favorite hobby, especially caricature. “The basic reason for caricatures is that comedy, and the laughter you know is a medicine for the soul,” Rowser Jr. said.

Rowser Jr. said he had the support of the restaurant manager and encouraged him to draw a portrait of the guest. From there he met his wife, Vivian, who is also an artist.

Together, in 2012 they launched their Youtube channel called Rowser World. While this channel is for entertainment and education, it is also an opportunity to give back to the community and inspire other young artists around the world.

“For us, this is an adventure for my husband and me. This is how we see the world of Rowser. Artist and wife Vivian Rowser said:

“Well, I’ll teach you how to draw, but especially caricatures, because there are so many caricature artists who can’t afford to go to school, what if you start a course that you can watch online for free? All you have to do is go there, watch the video and learn how to do this, “said Rowser Jr.

Rowser Jr. said he had experienced ups and downs and recently lost his mother, but is trying to illustrate Black Excellence.

“I’m an individual who doesn’t allow my past to determine my future. What happened to you? In order to receive the blessing in front of you, you must eventually let it go.” Rowser Jr. said.

He also continues to caricature at restaurants in coastal bends such as Chuy’s and Baba’s 33.

“I always say I remember good times. When you are experiencing difficult situations in your life. At this moment you were happy. At this moment you have your feelings and thoughts. I’m portrayed as the person in control and enjoy the situation, “says Rowser Jr.

For more information on caricature drawing and its appearance Click here for Youtube channel..

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