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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-04 19:33:23 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —Councilor Blinker Harding says he has fulfilled the promises of the previous campaign, especially tax controls and public safety.

“I think the last four years have been extraordinary for the city of Omaha,” said Harding, who was elected in 2017.

Harding points to the expansion of the new Elkhorn Police Station and the city’s co-responder unit to assist police in mental health services.

He wants to do more.

“I think they’re doing a great job, but we can always do a better job. They also want to be better. That’s why we see the expansion of co-responders. I want to, or want to see additional training, “Harding said.

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Harding also prioritizes basic urban services such as street expansion and repair. He says voters are pleased that they have passed the bond and they want to go down the road and pass another bond to ensure a healthy street.

“I think the city will definitely be a much better place, and I think it will probably be left to voters again to see if they want to continue the program,” Harding said.

His opponent, Naomi Hataway, wants to move beyond these basic urban services.

“We like to rely on roads, recycling, and the essentials, but the only problem we’re talking about is conditioned as a voter on them,” Hataway said.

Hattaway says his experience working for a non-profit organization gives him the expertise to solve the city’s affordable housing problems.

When she knocks on the door, she says she heard about the need for more mental health services in the city.

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“To make sure we’re expanding and leveraging our mental health resources and to make sure Omahan knows about them,” Hataway said.

She is also campaigning for more access to the city government, especially by overcoming language barriers. She says more than 80 languages ​​are spoken and represented at Omaha Public Schools.

“Still, because English-speaking access to the city hall is a priority, there is a lot of work to be done, fully welcoming and belonging to the language and the diverse threads of Omahan who live here,” Mr. says.

Harding, a Republican on behalf of the conservative district, said he could work with anyone on the council.

“No matter what their political persuasion is, you must be able to work with others. We are trying to get the best results for the city of Omaha. “Harding said.

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Democrat Hataway says Omahans cares more about how councilors care about their members.

“If there are unmet needs in this district and we can cross the boundaries of the party and start talking about our values ​​and what they need from city representatives, it’s very quick.” Will vote for you, “said Hataway.

Harding won the primary over Hataway with 61% of the votes.

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