Britain and France send aircraft carriers together

UUnder the azure Two aircraft carriers sail eastward in tandem in the western Mediterranean sky. One is Charles de GaulleThe French nuclear ship, has been providing 20 years of service behind it.The other is HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s new flagship is on its Virgin Operations Tour. For the first time, the two careers will participate in a three-day joint exercise. Codenamed “Garrick Strike”. This includes a war game and a simulation of a sea-to-land strike with 15 ships and 57 fighters (including 10 American fighters and 2 destroyers).

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Far from the recent political stance off Jersey, the French and British navies are busy with the fashionable business of working together.Riding on Charles de Gaulle, I’m serving a hamburger that day French fries For 1,200 seafarers, Maj. Gen. Mark Osedat points out the “historical aspect” of the exercise. After meeting with French and American responders, Royal Navy Admiral Tony Radakin talks about “a bold step towards greater interoperability than ever before.” The three Navy bosses declare “a common commitment to this wonderful partnership of the Navy.”

Aircraft carriers are not limited to war. French Defense Minister Florence Parly Charles de Gaulle’The successor to be scheduled as “75,000 tons of diplomacy” in 2038. According to her, this giant ship is a “tool of power and sovereignty.” Britain will agree.The· HMS Queen Elizabeth Depart for the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean as a marine demonstration of “Global Britain”. French people who do not need the slogan “Global France” patrol the South China Sea on a regular basis. This year, they sent a nuclear submarine there.

Affordable Vanity Project? Or is it a bid by two medium-sized forces to maintain relevance? The large aircraft carrier, which has only 18 vessels in service worldwide, remains controversial. But for the three days of June, competition and gesturing politics are set aside. After training, the British aircraft carrier heads east.The· Charles de GaulleAfter a four-month tour away from Syria and the Persian Gulf, I will return home.

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Britain and France send aircraft carriers together

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