Britain reviews Chinese scholars’ acquisition of graphene company

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The British government is seeking an investigation into the acquisition by Chinese scientists from a small Wales manufacturer of “supermaterials” known as graphene.

British Business Secretary Kwasi Kwaten I ordered A UK competition watchdog to complete a national security review of the acquisition of Perpetuus Group by Taurus International or Zhongfu Zhou, or any company related to him or the company.

The Competition and Markets Authority was given to submit a report to the Government until February 7, and the Government issued a Public Interest Intervention Notice to intervene in the proposed transaction.

The British government refused to comment on the specific reasons behind the intervention.

Zhou is listed as Chief Nanotechnology Scientist on the Perpetuus website and states that he is one of the world’s leading authorities on 2D materials and their applications.

Scientists have spent years researching advanced materials such as graphene, a single-atom-thick material that could revolutionize everything from computing to defense.

After graduating from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing, he received his PhD in Materials Science from Oxford University and became a researcher at Cardiff University in Wales.

He then moved to Averistwis University in 2010 to work in the Faculty of Physics and the Center for Advanced Functional Materials and Equipment, and the contract ended last year.

According to the LinkedIn page, he is the managing director of the Inner Mongolia Composite Materials Industry Institute, a company based in northern China.

Founded in 2013, Perpetuus had sales of £ 479,001 in 2020, down from £ 717,681 in 2019, according to a document filed with the UK company Registry Companies House. In 2019, there were 14 staff members.

Meanwhile, Taurus International was founded in October 2020 and its office is registered in a semi-detached home in southeast London. One director is listed in the company account.

British legislator Tom Tagendat, who heads a Chinese research group aimed at “promoting debate and fresh thinking” about how Britain should respond, said, “Government responds to national security concerns about takeovers. I’m happy to be active in doing that. ” According to its website, the rise of China.

“Graphene, like many other UK innovations, offers extraordinary future potential and it is imperative that sensitive technology remain a trusted partner,” Tugendhat added.

Perpetuus and Zhou didn’t immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

The intervention will take place just months after the British government ordered a national security review of another acquisition of China.

Nexperia, a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer owned by Wingtech in China, Buy the UK’s largest chip factory, Newport Wafer Fab, £ 63m in July.

Britain reviews Chinese scholars’ acquisition of graphene company

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