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London (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns after fighting for office on Wednesday, saying three ministers and a number of young staff can no longer serve under the leadership plagued by his scandal. Canceled the call.

Johnson rejected the request to resign in anger over handling allegations of sexual misconduct against senior officials during the House of Commons Storm session. Later that day, a delegation of the Cabinet’s most trusted ally visited the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and urged him to go, but he remained stationary, a British press reported.

According to the news agency, the prime minister declined the proposal for a “dignified exit” and instead chose to fight for his political career because of “a very important issue facing the country.” is. A source close to Johnson said he said he would have “confused” with his colleagues if he quit.

The 58-year-old leader, who withdrew Britain from the European Union and survived the outbreak of COVID-19, is known for his ability to maintain power and wiggle from tight spaces, despite allegations that he was too close to the party. I am. Donor, he protected his supporters from allegations of bullying and corruption and misleaded Congress about a government party that broke the pandemic blockade rules.

He persisted even last month when 41% of Conservatives resolved to expel him in a vote of no confidence.

However, recent disclosures that Johnson knew about allegations of sexual misconduct against lawmakers before promoting the man to senior positions put him at stake.

Johnson is seizing his office and trying to go against the math and British political traditions of the parliamentary government. The prime minister rarely sticks to power in the face of such pressure from his cabinet colleagues.

“He’s fueling our democracy right now. If he doesn’t do the right thing and doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll be dragged out,” said Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford. I told the BBC.

Many of Johnson’s fellow conservatives no longer have the moral authority to govern when food and energy prices rise, COVID-19 infections increase, and difficult decisions are needed to deal with the war in Ukraine. I was worried that I didn’t have it. Others are worried that he may be held responsible for the ballot box.

On Wednesday, members of the Opposition Labor Party told Johnson, “Go! Go!’ During the weekly ritual of the Prime Minister’s question at the House of Commons.

Labor leader Keir Starmer ridiculed Johnson’s resignation as “maybe the first record of a sunken ship escaping from a mouse.”

To make matters worse, Johnson’s own Conservative members (sick of the many scandals he faced) also challenged their leaders.

“Frankly … the prime minister’s job in difficult situations is to continue when he is given a huge mission,” Johnson used to fend off critics in the office for almost three years. I answered with a ferocious momentum. “And that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Former Health Minister Sajid Javid, who helped cause the current crisis when he resigned Tuesday night, said many when Johnson’s actions could undermine the integrity of the Conservatives and the British government. I caught the mood of a member of the Diet.

“At some point we have to conclude that it’s enough,” he told fellow lawmakers. “I think that’s the point now.”

Under the rules of the party, another vote of no confidence cannot be passed for another 11 months, but party members can change the rules. A small but influential group of Conservative lawmakers, the 1922 Commission was able to decide whether to do so as early as Monday.

Javid and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak resigned within minutes of each other over the latest anger. The two cabinet tycoons were responsible for addressing the two biggest problems facing Britain: the cost of living crisis and COVID-19.

In a bitter letter, Snack said: … I believe these criteria are worth the fight, and that’s why I resign. “

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, about 40 vice ministers and aides to the minister continued to resign. Welsh Secretary Simon Hart resigned late Wednesday, saying he was “passing the point” where he could “turn the ship.”

When Johnson delved into it, critics refused to accept the inevitable by referring to his “mission” and accused him of acting more like a president than the prime minister. In Britain, voters elect a political party to govern, not directly to the prime minister.

Former International Development Minister Andrew Mitchell said late Tuesday that Johnson’s time was finally over.

“It’s a bit like Rasputin’s death. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, and his body was thrown into a icy river, but he’s still alive,” Mitchell told the BBC. “But this is an extraordinary prime minister, super charismatic, very entertaining, very entertaining, big and big personality. But he has neither the personality nor the temperament to be our prime minister.”

The last straw of Snacks and Javid was the Prime Minister’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct against Conservative lawmaker Chris Pincher.

Last week, Pincher resigned from Deputy Leader after complaints of groping for two men in a private club. It triggered a series of reports on the leveled past allegations against Pincher — and from the government about what Johnson knew when he tapped a man for a senior position to enforce party discipline. The explanation of has been shifted.


This story has been updated to correct the spelling of the name of the chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom. It’s Drechsler, not Drexler.


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