Britain’s main creepy people see China as a major intelligence threat

NSor For most of the century, the main concern of the UK’s Secret Information Director, more generally MI6, Russian and terrorist cheating, or a combination of both, as in the latest James Bond movie “No Time to Die”. But times are changing. On November 30, Richard Moore, the boss of the espionage agency, gave his first speech since he was in charge in October 2020. We are steadily approaching the ability to develop nuclear weapons.But Russia’s alarming Strengthening military power around Ukraine And the recent terrorist attack in Liverpool, China was his main concern.

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“Adapting to a world affected by the rise of China is MI6 “Mr. Moore declared. Such a declaration was 10 years when David Cameron and his prime minister, George Osborne, were eager to bring China’s trade and investment to court and downplay the threat from Communist hackers and intelligence. I wouldn’t have thought of it before.

Now the political wind is blowing from another direction. A March foreign policy review concluded that China brought “a systematic challenge to our security, prosperity, and values.” In May, the UK began ripping Chinese-made Huawei kits from five. NS Mobile network. It recently sent an aircraft carrier to Asia. This is part of the eastern surge of warships. Coordination on intelligence and military issues regarding China with Five Eyes partners, a group that includes the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, has also been strengthened.

Moore who joined the company MIHe spent much of his career in the Middle East during the Cold War, saying his service was also changing. “We are deepening our understanding of China throughout China. England We will expand the options available to governments in managing the intelligence community and the systematic challenges that governments pose, “he said. He warned that Chinese espionage was “very capable” and engaged in “massive espionage.” They monitor and enforce British overseas Chinese and use social media to “distort public discourse.”

But Moore’s most urgent warning related to science and technology. By exporting surveillance technology, China “is expanding its network of authoritarian dominance throughout the globe,” he said. This is not only for recipients vulnerable to Chinese coercion, MI6 itself. “Our officers need to act invisibly against our enemies,” he said. China’s management of smartphones, apps, and communications networks, as well as access to vast repositories of personal information such as data from home genetic testing kits and biometric security at airports, has created a “global surveillance web.” rice field. MISix officers work abroad without revealing their names or history.

The fact that Moore chose to broadcast such concerns on public forums is new in itself. His agency was not officially announced and his chief was not appointed until a few years after he joined the company in 1987. He continues to run a Twitter account, which is rare among Spymasters.

However, this openness also has a broader purpose. As threats evolve, intelligence services need to work with technology companies and other external resources to stay ahead. To that end, Mr. Moore said, “Changes in the sea … MI6 cultures, spirits, and ways of working. ” The same urgency is seen in increasingly active attempts to recruit a wider range of people. This is something that has been difficult to do, despite years of effort.

In 2021 MI6 also started advertising economist For “individuals with diverse skills and life experience” to play part-time and consulting roles. Even more surprisingly, we welcomed applications from both British and foreigners. The result is a seemingly paradox. “We will have to be more open to keep secrets,” Moore said. ■■

This article was published in the UK section of the printed version under the heading “Openbook”.

Britain’s main creepy people see China as a major intelligence threat

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