British chronism is rampant and not punished.We are becoming a Banana Republic | Conservatives

THis totals are so vast and the secrets are so shocking that “chumocracy” doesn’t begin to capture what happened to Britain. We are spoiled like the Republic of Banana, Russia’s oligarchy, failed states. What’s lost is Britain’s self-image as a bowler hat beacon of civil honesty, as our former Rolls-Royce civil servants are on the path of Rolls-Royce, which is no longer a British-owned car company.

Last week, the Good Law Project, a fine non-profit public cleanser Proven in the High Court The government violated what the judge called the “significant public function” of transparency to the “huge amount” of taxpayers’ money. VIP Fastlane for protection contracts has contacted ministers, lawmakers, associates and officials. 10 times more likely To win the contract. The price of PPE has skyrocketed: even body bags 14 times Previous cost.Good Law Project’s Requests for Their Supported Suppliers, Their VIP Sponsors and Publication of Prices Paid was denied So far.

Why is it secret? The Guardian has already revealed that healthcare regulators are investigating Alex Bourne, a former neighbor of Health Minister Matt Hancock. Win a £ 30m contract For medical vials, no previous experience.

In a panic over empty PPE shelves in hospitals and long-term care facilities, a dash to procurement may be allowed if friend favors aren’t Boris Johnson’s daily routine. But before the ectenia of his citizens, pause here to enjoy this, Preface he wrote The ministerial regulations state that: “There must be no bullying or harassment. No omissions; no breach of joint liability. No misuse of taxpayers’ money or actual or perceived conflicts of interest. The public statements contained in this document. Valuable principles of life-honesty, objectiveness, accountability, transparency, honesty, leadership in the public interest-must always be respected. Also the political fairness of our highly regarded civil servants. It’s the same. “C!

Alex Alan I felt it was impossible to stay As the Prime Minister’s official adviser on the code, he was rejected after his discovery against Home Secretary Priti Patel for bullying.Also, Jonathan Jones was unable to keep Johnson as Secretary of State for the Government Legal Department. Breaking international law With an internal market bill. Overall, six vice-ministers have left under Johnson – not so permanent in this administration.

The Goodrow Project is also currently seeking judicial review of Guardian revelations. £ 564,000 contract For a poll given without bidding to Dominic Cummings’ best friend Rachel Wolf, who co-authored the 2019 Tories Manifest.How ironic it was in her Downing Street era! She planned All civil servants face constant exams to prevent the culture of “everyone is incompetent.” Still, she wasn’t tested and didn’t even make a basic bid for a fat contract.

The Sunday Times was named by Sir Udney Lister as Deputy Mayor of London under Johnson. Helping Approve £ 4 Billion Real Estate Scheme For developers – and continued to work for them within a few months of leaving the office. Last year, as a strategic adviser to Downing Street, he adhered to the Code of Conduct, but he continued to payroll.

In the Tory’s “conflict-of-interest” explosion, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Rachel Reeves said Pledge of “Sack Serco” The worker will return the private contract to the public sector. But that doesn’t seem to be ashamed of this government. The Board of Audit is an excellent institution for checking financial integrity and monetary value. However, while business owners with political ties to the Tories have been found to be given a higher priority than pandemic contracts, there is no mechanism to force them to stay out of the government. Act based on these findings.. This leaves the Goodlaw project’s official crowdfunding as a last stand against the collapse of civil integrity. But, As Hancock said Andrew Marr of the BBC, he doesn’t even care that he violates the law.

Publicly appointed commissioner Peter Liddell rarely protests publicly, but recently confronted “unregulated appointments” such as Tory peer Dide Harding and chaotic tests. And led the tracking program.Last week, the health sector’s own evidence was that she spent £ 22 billion. “Relatively small” effect..Liddell also protested Stacked interview panels: Former Tory lawmaker James Wharton, completely unqualified Appointed head An office for students by a selection committee that lacks higher education professionals.

The four non-affiliated directors appointed as “independent” to oversee Michael Gove’s Cabinet Office are allies of Gove, including his voting vacation clan Gisela Stuart.according to Recent surveyFar from being independent outsiders, more than half of the board appointments of all departments are special advisers and close political allies.

Liddell Issued a warning At a briefing, Ofcom’s chairman went to Paul Dacre, a former email editor who has a fierce prejudice against the BBC, judges, Europe and immigrants, to name just a few. Richard Sharp, a Tory donor who is a close friend of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has been appointed chairman of the BBC.Why is there no investigation into the inappropriate initial intervention of Community Secretary Robert Jenrick to support Tory donor Richard Desmond? Avoid taxes Planned bids over £ 1 billion? Not only this, but mainly stuffing donors is a new common sense in Petit Nesk.

Since 1853, due to the reform of North Court-Trevelian civil servants, the government has rudely and rebelliously ignored the principle of appointment. If Labor had committed any of these angers, the Tory press would have hunted it down and killed it. Remember that Johnson’s “best friend” Jennifer Arcuri was given £ 10,000 by the Mayor of London Fund and invited to a potentially lucrative trade mission?Independent Police Complaints Commission found police officers making decisions on sponsorship and trade missions I knew this relationship, “And this influenced their decision-making.” Imagine it was Keir Starmer.

Clean democracy is defined by how well they protect leaders who support family and friends. But the essence of chumocracy runs much deeper. People instinctively appoint their kind. “Benefits” tend to be seen only by those who speak, think and believe like those who make choices. On a wild blogDominic Cummings pretended to break out of this straitjacket and called for a “super-talented weirdo” with “real cognitive diversity.” But no, the ad for his rambling work required a graduate of economics with a “prominent record in a great college”: he was a prince among fellow tribal appointees.

It is very difficult to break the spirit of favor. When I was at the BBC, a brave attempt was made to hire raw talent outside the prestigious graduates in a well-kept hinterland. Advertisements, leaflets and notices have been posted on hair dressings, pubs, McDonald’s, mosques, temples and buses. No name, no education, no experience. Write your program ideas. Thousands have been applied.

When these were narrowed down to 30, disappointed selectors found that they primarily chose the same top graduate type. Instinctively, unknowingly, they chose the kind they wrote and thought of like them. The unconscious bias course helps us understand the underlying prejudices, but it is much more difficult to eradicate them from the depths.

Proper procedures in public appointments are important not only for a good government, but also for setting a fair employment benchmark. Nepotism stinks as badly as giving a contract to a VIP companion. Both glory spreads the stench of corruption to everything the government rots from the head and touches.

British chronism is rampant and not punished.We are becoming a Banana Republic | Conservatives

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