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London (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday in a massive rebellion by top members of his government.

Months of rebellion almost ended with a shrug when Johnson stood outside 10 Downing Street and his party admitted that he wanted to leave him.

“They are on break,” he said.

A cheeky 58-year-old politician who took Britain out of the European Union and steered it through COVID-19, where the war in Ukraine was triggered by too many scandals. This involves the appointment of a politician who has been accused. Of sexual misconduct.

The prime minister’s most annoying person did not leave cleanly. Mr Johnson immediately resigned as a leader of the Conservative Party, but he said he would remain prime minister until the party chose his successor. He said the schedule for the process would be announced next week.

However, much within the party wanted him to leave earlier, and his government had been shredded by dozens of resignations.

Among the potential candidates to take over him are former Health Minister Sajid Javid, former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, Foreign Minister Liz Truss, and Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

After the recent scandal broke out, Johnson rebelled against lawmakers on Wednesday saying he had a “huge mission” from voters and intends to continue his business of governance, and took power for days.

But after one of his closest allies, the newly appointed Treasury Secretary Nadim Zahawi, publicly told him to resign for the country, he was forced to admit defeat on Thursday morning. Was done.

“In the last few days, I’ve persuaded my colleagues to change the government when we’re offering so much, and when we have such a vast mission, it’s quirky. I tried to convince him that it would be, “Johnson said. “I regret not having succeeded in these discussions. Of course, it’s painful not to see so many ideas and projects for myself.”

Over the past few days, about 50 cabinet secretaries, ministers, and junior bureaucrats have often resigned from the government, blaming the prime minister’s lack of integrity.

The massive resignation stagnated the work of some parliamentary commissions, as there was no minister to speak for the government.

“It is clearly the will of Congress now that there is a new leader of the Conservative Party of Parliament, and therefore a new prime minister,” Johnson said.

Zahawi, who was promoted earlier this week as Johnson tried to strengthen his cabinet, goes public after he and a group of colleagues personally expressed concern to the Prime Minister on Wednesday, ignoring Johnson’s resignation advice. He said he decided.

“This country deserves a government that is not only stable, but acts in good faith,” Zahawi said in a letter posted on Twitter.

This was a humiliating defeat for Johnson. Johnson is known not only for the success of Brexit, but also for launching one of the world’s most successful mass vaccination campaigns to combat COVID-19.

But the permanently crumpled hairy hair leader known to answer his critics with bombs and blasts was also fascinated by the claim that the rules acted as if they didn’t apply to him. ..

He managed to mislead Congress about a party that was too close to the party’s donor, protected supporters from allegations of bullying and corruption, and violated COVID-19’s blockade rules. Maintained power.

He was fined by police for the party and survived a vote of no confidence in parliament last month, with 41% of Conservatives trying to expel him.

Johnson took office as Prime Minister in July 2019 and succeeded Theresa May. Theresa May resigned after Congress rejected the Brexit agreement negotiated with the EU. Johnson pushed forward with his own Brexit agreement, often in a messy and confusing debate.

With an unruly blonde hair mop, he often rolled out of bed and looked like a schoolboy just running into class in pajamas under his clothes.

When he came to power, he showed many of the same habits and abilities that carried him far, but he also spelled out his downfall. He was the vibrant and attention-grabbing mayor of London. A journalist who was fired for making a quote and submitted an exaggerated article about the EU’s excess. And a politician with a talented honed in Eaton and Oxford for colorful language and controversial thrust and parry.

He became known for his light respect for the truth and his gribs and offensive marks. He called the Papua New Guinea cannibal race and likened a Muslim woman wearing a veil over her face to a “letterbox.”

Recent disclosures that Johnson knew about allegations of sexual misconduct against Conservative lawmakers before promoting him to senior government positions proved that one scandal was too much.

The crisis began when Chris Pincher resigned from Deputy Leader in the accusation of groping for two men in a private club. That triggered a series of reports about his past claims to Pincher.

Johnson provided a shifting explanation of what he knew and when he knew it. It only heightened the feeling that the prime minister was unreliable.

On Tuesday night, Javid and Snack resigned from each other within minutes, creating a wave of departure between cabinet colleagues and junior bureaucrats, putting the government in jeopardy.

Javid said Johnson’s actions could undermine the integrity of the Conservative Party and the British government.

“At some point we have to conclude that it’s enough,” he said at the House of Commons on Wednesday. “I think that’s the point now.”

Bernard Jenkin, a senior Conservative member, told the BBC that he had met Johnson later that day and advised him to resign.

“I just said to him,” See, that’s when you go now, that’s the way you go. You can also bring dignity, Donald Trump sticks to power, and he You may be forced to pretend to win the election when you lose, “Jenkin said.


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