British restaurants worsened by Brexit fighting staff crisis

The problem is not just the stricter immigration rules in the UK. Other workers in the UK and elsewhere have left the hospitality industry in search of more stable jobs, according to Kate Shoesmith, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Recruitment & Employment Confederation, which represents recruiting companies and agencies.

Workers at restaurants and hotels who couldn’t work from home were hurt by the unexpected changes in blockade rules that rushed them in and out of work. Despite the success of the UK vaccination program, variants of the deltacoronavirus threaten to delay the complete lifting of social distance restrictions in the UK later this month.

Some people are “not sure there is no other blockade,” Schumis said.

Many workers have I moved to a less energetic job No need for late night or long shifts, such as call centers, retail stores, and other customer service roles. Adecco, a large recruiting agency, has sent requests to tens of thousands of job seekers to assess their interest in working in the hospitality industry. Only 1 percent responded.

Recruiters said they hope some European Union citizens will eventually return to work in the UK, Mr. Schumis said. That is the expectation. “

There is widespread sentiment that the industry must make hospitality an attractive career for British people to help close the gap. But for now, this job is often seen simply as “a job in between other things,” as Mr. Schumis said.

UKHospitality is affiliated with a government job center work coach. We want to prioritize hospitality as a “career of choice” and think beyond the entry level and front-of-house position.

Until then, the shortage of workers has hampered countless companies.

For over 30 years in the industry, Hillbrook Hotel director John Crompton said he was unaware of such a staff shortage. The company, which owns four “eccentric luxury” hotels and inns in eastern and southern England, must employ at least 50 people.

British restaurants worsened by Brexit fighting staff crisis

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