Britney Spears Answers Fans’ Questions in the Battle of the Power of Attorney

She’s just Britney! Britney Spears I took a break from her Ongoing adult guardianship battle To answer some of her fan’s burning questions on Thursday, August 5th.

Grammy Award winner, 39 years old, Answered many questions quickly Her favorite clothing lines and tip types were raised by followers via Instagram. “My favorite clothing store is definitely J. Crew, because I like having men’s and women’s clothing,” she said, showing off her brand’s floral dress.

She pointed out “real ray” as her dependable potato chips when choosing between the freshly baked version and the original.

Britney Spears. Britney Spears / Instagram Courtesy

I also gave a “toxic” singer Miley Cyrus She screamed, calling her 2013 song “We Can’t Stop” a really “cool” song from the “old days”.

When asked what her favorite scented lotion was, Spears didn’t hesitate to respond to her. “Vanilla. I like the very fresh, girly and summery scent,” she said. “I was always a vanilla girl.”

Former Mouseketeer also provided fans with the latest information on how she is holding up. In the battle of her adult guardianship To get rid of her father Jamie Spears, As the guardian of her property, replaces him with another party.

“I’m sure many of you are wondering how I’m doing,” she said in a clip, wearing a red bikini and laying out in the sun. “The cat is literally out of the bag and you know my situation, so I want to let you know that things are much better than I expected.”

Britney captioned the Q & A video as follows: Beautiful people ☀️ !!!! “

2 months ago, intersection The actress became a hot topic She talked about her adult guardianship for the first time, She has been down since 2008. During a June court hearing, Britney stood up and confirmed that she wanted a father, 69, Removed from his role as co-guardian Jamie has managed her financial decisions and property for over a decade.

The following month, she doubled her plea to leave Jamie from the team and told the judge in July: This guardianship system allowed my dad to ruin my life. “

Britney and she said last month after being given the right to choose their own lawyer New lawyer, Matthew RosengartSubmitted court documents to officially petition Jamie to be replaced by an accountant Jason Rubin As a guardian of her property.

Jody MontgomeryBritney’s guardian, who later filed her own allegations in support of Britney’s request to have Rubin on the team instead of Jamie.

Britney’s lawyer filed an urgent petition on Wednesday, August 4, to raise the previously set September 29 hearing. According to court documents, the “lucky” singer wants to hold a hearing between August 23 and September 5.

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Britney Spears Answers Fans’ Questions in the Battle of the Power of Attorney

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