Britney Spears’ father files paperwork to end his role as conservator of estate – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-09-07 23:52:33 –

From Los Angeles-Britney Spears’ fight to end the court-ordered guardianship is unexpected when his father and her property guardian Jamie Spears file a petition to end the deal on Tuesday. I changed my direction.

In a court filing obtained by CNN on Tuesday, Elder Spears quoted her daughter’s petition in two separate court hearings in the summer requesting the termination of the 13-year power of attorney.

“Recent events related to this power of attorney have questioned whether the situation has changed so much that the basis for the establishment of the power of attorney may no longer exist,” Filing said.

“Mr. Spears tells the court that she wants to control her life without the safety rails of the guardianship system. She makes her medical decisions and tells when, where and how often she will be treated. She wants to be able to make decisions. She wants to manage the money she earns from her career and spend it without supervision or supervision. “

“She wants to be able to get married and have a baby if she chooses. In short, she wants to live the life she chooses, without the restrictions of parents or court proceedings. I’m reading the petition partially.

“As Mr. Spears has said many times, he only wants the best for his daughter. He wants to end his guardianship and believes he can handle his life. If so, Mr Spears believes he should get it, an opportunity. “

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CNN is seeking comment from singer lawyer Mathew Rosengart.

Elder Spears has been a guardian of her daughter’s property since it was founded in 2009. He was also the guardian of her and oversaw her health and medical issues until she resigned in 2019. At that time, Jody Montgomery was appointed as a temporary guardian of. A spear man.

At a hearing in July, Britney Spears said he wanted to accuse his father of “abuse of the power of attorney,” calling the deal “cruel.”

Progress on Tuesday comes after Jamie Spears said in a previous court filing that he intends to resign as a guardian.

Just last week, Rosengart said he had asked Spears to resign immediately “before he was stopped.”

The previously scheduled hearing for the incident is set for September 29th.

Britney Spears’ father files paperwork to end his role as conservator of estate Source link Britney Spears’ father files paperwork to end his role as conservator of estate

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