Britney Spears’ “Happiest Era” is with his sons Sean Preston and Jayden

Britney Spears‘Sweet spot! The singer loves spending time with his sons Sean Preston and Jayden in the Power of Attorney battle.

“Britney’s happiest time is when she’s with a boy,” said one source. We weekly.. “Even with all the rules and restrictions of her life, when she is with them, all of them disappear.”

Britney Spears and his sons Sean Preston and Jayden. Britney Spears / Instagram Courtesy

Insiders called the Grammy-winning 39-year-old mother “a very fun and cool mom,” and “the problem is … she doesn’t say anything in her daily life. [Her ex-husband] Kevin [Federline] You can make all the major decisions for their boys. “

Spears and DJ, 43, welcomed Sean Preston and Jayden in 2005 and 2006, respectively. After the 2007 split, California’s native species had a daughter, Jordan (9 years old). Victoria Prince..He also shares his daughter Kori (18 years old) and son Caleb (17 years old) with his ex. Shar Jackson..

September 2019, of him and Spears Custody agreement changed From 50-50 storage rights, up to 70% for Fedderline and 30% for Spears. The previous couple tested the new schedule before submitting it to officialize.

The “Circus” singer has been under the power of attorney since 2008, and she I talked about it for the first time last month.In addition to calling her father Jamie SpearsMississippi-born Mississippi-born “abuse” role said he wanted a boyfriend and children. Sam AsgarI..

“I want to be able to get married and have a baby,” the dancer said at a court hearing in June. “I was told that I can’t get married or have a baby now under the power of attorney. I don’t get pregnant because I now have an intrauterine device in me. I wanted to take an intrauterine device I went out so I could start trying to give birth to another baby. But this so-called team doesn’t allow me to go to the doctor and take it out because I don’t want to have any more children. “

Fedderline shared his “respect” for his ex-wife In a statement by a lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan At the time, “It’s best for moms to be healthy and happy. And if any of these aren’t true, it doesn’t provide the best setting for exercising custody.”

The· intersection The youngest of the stars previously shared their thoughts on the mother’s power of attorney in March 2020. His grandpa, 69, calls him “a really big penis” And “jerk”. Jayden said at the time that Britney “may stop” making music.

Former songwriter manager, Larry RudolphWhen she revealed her alleged retirement plan earlier this month He resigned from his long-standing role.. On Saturday, July 17th, Britney, who hasn’t performed live since 2018, wrote via Instagram: She “quit”.

She writes: “I put on dark makeup and tried the stage again and for years I couldn’t really handle the remix of my song and put new music in my show for my fans I beg you for it. “

For more information on the actress’s legal struggle, watch the video above and check out the latest issue of We weekly, Now at the newsstand.

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Britney Spears’ “Happiest Era” is with his sons Sean Preston and Jayden

Source link Britney Spears’ “Happiest Era” is with his sons Sean Preston and Jayden

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