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In the dire horror of the endless blockade, there is now one particular source of joy. Britney Spears Instagram account.

Inspirational quotes, cute selfies, and objects of material desire are consistent themes for many accounts on the platform. This is especially true in the demographics of “white Western girls in their thirties,” where pop star Spears live.

Still since Spears A chilling 24-minute statement There is a vaguely perceptible change in tone, appealing to a California court on June 22 to end the “power of attorney” she lived in for 13 years. Her court speech has more … hope, so like an affirmation of pre-breakfast exercise, she said, “I’m fierce, I’m a fierce woman, I can do this.” From content that you can imagine telling. I have a sweet note of thanks to my favorite dessert, a cat in sunglasses, and Serena Gomez for giving me a girly gift. More important are pastel paintings of a young woman with a third eye, quotations such as “She had wildflowers in her hair,” and a video of a spear doing an endless parade of cart wheels around the lake. ..

This end is captioned as “I feel gratitude and blessing !!!!”. She thank the fans for supporting her through the trials in court. “Everyone, come with me,” she writes. “Come with me !!!!!”.

Sure, this may be a deliberate creation of an Instagram story from my own wishes. I really like Britney Spears. I was just too old and drunk, crazy about Bob Dylan, and became very interested in her music when her teen pop anthem, Baby One More Time, appeared in 1999. I had it. But I had a hard time managing my expectations of becoming an adult with the responsibility of “growing.” The lyrics of Peace of Me were painfully related. Spears said, “Another day’s drama / I don’t think there’s any harm / I’m working and becoming a mom / And I have kids / I’m still an extraordinary earner / You’re one of me When I sang, “Do you want a club?” … It sounded so mundane, so I was very disappointed. Empathy flowed. I became an instant fan.

Turning a pop star into a pop star is a dark and precious magic that allows you to sing simple songs in a way that encapsulates the emotions of a complex and inexpressible generation.Some actions only manage this Small window of the year Or One song.. Rarity like Spears manages it much longer and becomes the avatar of people at that moment as well as at the cultural moment. As a human mirror to the vast collective self, the same loyalty that motivated many fans to buy her album puts #FreeBritney on a placard and marches for her liberation. It’s not surprising to mobilize them like that. “

Given the latest revelations, it’s hard not to remember the lyrics of the Piece of Me.Until recently, the power of attorney legally empowered only Spears’ fathers to control it. A major decision in his daughter’s life, “From business to health, voting, marriage”. Currently, he still oversees money and commerce, but care expert Jody Montgomery oversees Spears’ personal decisions. She said she was banned from driving a car as well as removing the IUD and was forced to take it physically. to punish lithium. California law usually assigns a power of attorney to allow the care of those who cannot “care for themselves or control their finances.” More generally, it applies to people with severe developmental disabilities and dementia.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Spears’ mental health diagnosis, which was triggered by the fight against memory weakness and substance abuse in 2008. But what the world knows is that women thought they were too sick to take care of their money. I thought I was too ill to continue working. She lost control of her decision, so someone decided that she should release some albums, host TV shows, and touring relentlessly. Indeed, an “exceptional earner”.

Also, when the guardianship system began, Spears was only 26 years old. Even if most 26-year-olds don’t suffer from paparazzi, two little kids, a huge fame by their ex-husband, wealth, and constant pursuit, it’s usually not related to making great life choices. .. Since then, her treatment raises anxious questions about how pop stars are punished for their success by being targeted by other people’s opportunism.Can’t face watching episodes of Black mirror Miley Cyrus, a real friend of Spears, portrayed a disinfected and numbly controlled pop star so that the parasites around her could continue to eat the wealth she produced. Part of the relevance of pop icons was that they could make bad decisions like everyone else – blow away fate, love Dickhead, and “regret, I had some Singing, reminding us that money is only money and the way, the glorious lead is in the grave.

Instead, Britney Spears was personally traumatized by other people’s decisions to keep the human pop star company she was 26 years old forever, in permanent legal adolescence. I am trapped in a state and alive. As a mirror of our generation, Britney Spears now reflects to us the dire world of capitalism, where all relationships are transactions and everything else is an asset management calculation.

As a star himself Instagram reminds usSolidarity is not only our human instinct, but our moral obligation. #FreeBritney!

Britney Spears is a mirror of our generation: we have a duty to release her | Van Badam

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