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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-27 06:48:50 –

Los Angeles (AP) —Britney Spears’ new lawyer petitioned on Monday to expel his father from a guardian who had managed her life and money for 13 years and replace him with a professional accountant.

Matthew Rosengart said in a document filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court that the current legal arrangement “has become more and more toxic and simply no longer tolerable.”

He proposed replacing James Spears with Jason Rubin, a certified accountant, as the guardian of popstar real estate. According to the document, cash is worth $ 2.7 million and assets are worth more than $ 57 million.

Rosengart said in a filing that he was the first to tackle “the most pressing issue facing Spears: removing Spears from the guardianship of real estate” before trying to end the guardianship system. ..

“A father who truly loves his daughter and has the best interests of her should be willing to leave in support of the highly respected professional trustee nominated here,” Rosengert wrote. Said.

Britney’s mother and James’ ex-wife, Lynn Spears, said in a declaration in support of Rosengart’s submission, his “ “Microscopic management” was particularly damaging, he said.

“Such scrutiny is exhausting and horrifying, as if in custody,” said Lynn Spears.

James Spears resigned as the so-called guardian of his daughter in 2019, and while maintaining control of her finances, expert Jody Montgomery was appointed to court to make decisions about her life and manage medical care. I gave it to.

The message sent for comment from James Spears and his legal team was not immediately returned.But on July 14th Hearing, His lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, said he did not intend to resign and was motivated only in the best interests of his daughter.

Torene said Britney Spears had many inaccurate beliefs, in which “her father is responsible for all the bad things that happened to her.”

Judge Brenda Penny has given Britney Spears permission to hire a lawyer of her choice at the hearing. Was attacked publicly The power of attorney, which has been in place since 2008, shed tears when she explained the “cruelness” she suffered.

“My father needs to be taken away today,” she said, adding that she wanted to see him charged with abusing his position.

Penny has yet to show a tendency to dismiss James Spears, and this is not the first time a Britney Spears lawyer has sought the expulsion of his father.

Last year, Samuel Ingham III, a predecessor appointed to Rosengart’s court, proposed replacing James Spears with real estate management firm Bessemer Trust. Penny instead decided that Jamie Spears and the company should work together, but Bessemer bowed from the deal before it officially began.

Ingam resigned after a dramatic June hearing, when pop stars first publicly condemned the power of attorney, saying to Penny, “I just want to regain my life.”

A hearing is scheduled for September 29 to address Rosengart’s petition and other issues in the Power of Attorney.

Britney Spears’ new lawyer files to remove father’s control over her Source link Britney Spears’ new lawyer files to remove father’s control over her

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