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Britney Spears made several claims in public court, alleging that she was forced to use contraception and was prevented from getting married.

Justin Timberlake spoke in support of Britney Spears on Wednesday after Britney Spears enthusiastically told the judge that he wanted to end the 13th year. Adult guardianship system It controls her life and money. Spears said it demoralized her and made her feel “enslaved.”

Spears spoke in public court for the first time in this case, blaming her father and others in control of the power of attorney, forcing her to use contraception and take other medications against her will. Being married or another child.

“This power of attorney is far more harmful to me than good,” said 39-year-old Spears. “I deserve to live my life.”

Timberlake, who dated Spears early in his music career, expressed his support on Twitter.

“After seeing it today, we should all be supporting Britney at this point,” Timberlake tweeted. “No matter what our past, good or bad, and no matter how old it is … what’s happening to her isn’t right. Women are restricted from making decisions about their bodies. Should not be. “

Timberlake added that no one needs to seek permission to access what they have worked for.

“Jessica and I will send our love and absolute support to Britney during this time,” Timberlake said, referring to his wife, Jessica Biel. “We hope the court and her family will do this right and make her live the way she wants to live.”

Spears swiftly sprinkled blasphemous words on a speech that lasted more than 20 minutes while parents, fans, and journalists were listing on the audio live stream. Many of the details revealed by Spears have been carefully guarded by courts over the years.

“I want to end this protection without being evaluated,” Spears told Judge Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Penny thanked the pop star for his “courageous” words, but did not rule. Long legal proceedings may occur before a decision is made on the termination of the power of attorney.

Spears said he wanted to marry his boyfriend Sam Asgari and give birth to a baby, but he wasn’t even allowed to drive with him.

“What I want is to own my money, end this and allow my boyfriend to drive me in his (swearing) car,” Spears said.

“I really believe this power of attorney is abusive,” Spears said, adding at another point “I want to regain my life.”

When a lawyer representing her co-guardian said that hearings and records should be sealed if personal medical information was revealed, Spears shouted that her words should be made public. That’s right.

“They have made good use of my life, so I feel it should be a hearing. They should listen and hear what I have to say.”

She went on to say that she was forced to take lithium after the rehearsal broke down for residence in Las Vegas in 2019 and was subsequently canceled.

She said all she had to do was disagree with some of the show’s choreography.

“I’m not here to be someone’s slave,” Spears said. “I can say no to dance moves.”

“Not only did my family not do terrible things, but my dad was everything for it,” Spears said.

She accused her father of enjoying her power, as she showed when she failed a series of psychological tests in 2019 and was forced to go to a mental hospital.

“I cried on the phone for an hour, and he loved every minute of it. He loved the control that hurt his daughter 100,000%, so he’s someone as powerful as me Was in control. “

Spears said he felt forced to stay in Las Vegas shortly after the tour and felt he had lifted a lot of weight when canceled. Since then, she hasn’t played or recorded.

Spears also said that some nurses often watch her movements every time and don’t even let her change clothes privately.

Vivian Thoreen, a lawyer for Spears’father James Spears, made a brief statement on his behalf after discussing with him during the break.

“He’s sorry to see his daughter suffering and suffering so much,” Thoreen said. “Mr. Spears loves his daughter and misses her very much.”

James Spears was the co-guardian of her daughter’s finances and, as most of the guardians, managed her life decisions. He is currently the co-guardian of her finances.

Britney Spears said her years of public silence mistakenly created the impression that she had approved her situation.

“I lied and told the whole world,’I’m okay, I’m happy,'” she said. “I have been denied, I was shocked. I am traumatized.”

Prior to the hearing, more than 100 fans of the so-called #FreeBritney movement gathered outside the court and put up a sign saying “Free Britney Now!”. “Get out of Britney’s life!”

Fan Marissa Cooper was in court, crying and applauding from time to time while speaking.

“It was insane,” Cooper said outside the courtroom. “Everyone who follows this is called crazy from the beginning and is a conspiracy theorist, so it really feels good to actually hear it from her.”

Mr Spears said she felt she had never heard of any of her previous appearances in court.

Samuel Ingham III, a lawyer appointed in her court, said he did not attempt to “control, filter, or edit” the words of his clients. He said Spears had not officially requested him to file a petition to terminate the power of attorney.

Spears said she had done a study showing that her protection could be terminated without her further evaluation. However, under California law, she is responsible for proving her ability to manage her business, and thorough investigation and evaluation is probably unavoidable before it is over.

She was hit by a mental health crisis in 2008, so the power of attorney was introduced. She acknowledged her first establishment by saving her from financial ruin and maintaining a top-flight pop star.

Her father and his lawyer emphasized that her and her property, whose court records exceeded $ 50 million, remained vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. Under the law, Spears is responsible for proving her competence before the case is over.

Contributed by Associated Press writer Amanda Lee Myers.

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