Britney Spears Wear Snakeskin Catsuit With New Photo-Hollywood Life

With a new series of photos, Britney Spears has become a “snake”, showing off one of the most iconic performances to date.

Britney Spears She fascinated the world 20 years ago when she danced on stage in 2001 MTV Video Music Awards Singing her hit song, hanging a live Burmese python around her neck “I’m a slave 4 U.” And on June 7, she seemed to miss the moment she wore a snakeskin catsuit that fits her skin because of the series of photos shared on her Instagram page.

In the photo, a 39-year-old pop star posed like a snake and rocked her. Trademark black eye makeupAnd in case she wonders why she’s wearing a reptile outfit, she mentions her unforgettable VMA performance in the caption.

Britney Spears is famous for hosting a live albino Burmese python while performing on stage at the 2001 MTV VMA. [Shutterstock]

“I used to have a snake at @VMAs, but 20 years later I decided to become a snake mother !!!!” she wrote with a slideshow.

“And the trick is for kids, so you’re a tricky little sh * ts … who knows what color snake I’ll be tomorrow !!!! ??? STAY SAFE, be careful Please give me. [three snake emojis,]Britney added.

Many Britney fans flooded the comments section praising the princess of pop. Social media star Fat Jew I have written: “I don’t do anything, but I respect my president. ” Another supportive fan wrote: It’s the world of Britney and we just live there. ”

There are many supportive comments that call Britney “symbolic,” but some seem to be simply confused by the “tricky” captions. “Sorry, could you tell me again ???” commented by a fan. Another simply wrote “WTF”,

As Britney fans know, this isn’t the first post that left a lot of speculation.In fact, many of her loyal followers are Britney Sending a coded message Through her Instagram page. Speculation reached an enthusiastic pitch in February after its release. New York Times documentary Britney Spears framing..

With longtime Britney fans throughout the entire document premiered on FX and Hulu on February 6th #FreeBritney Exercise Attempted to decipher various messages and activities on Britney’s Instagram page to determine her health In her 12-year guardianship..

Fortunately, on June 23, Britney I will appear in court In Los Angeles. It’s unclear exactly what Britney will address, but this is the first time Britney has spoken in court for himself since the guardianship system was established in 2008.

Britney Spears Wear Snakeskin Catsuit With New Photo-Hollywood Life

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