Broken Arrow Police hold active school shooter training – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2022-05-25 20:47:27 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma-Broken Arrow Police are actively training shooters every year in case something like that happens here.

This training was already planned before the incident in Texas.

It’s a kind of scenario that no one wants to imagine, but Captain Josh Russell, who heads the response instructor for active shooters, said it’s a reality that Broken Arrow executives are faced and ready to respond. ..

“We are all parents and we all live in this community. We all have children who go to school in his community. All we have to face is It’s difficult, “said Captain Joschrussel. When it comes to tactics, teamwork, and inter-ministerial collaboration, it’s the same page as when dealing with as aggressive threats and complex situations as possible, “Russell said.

Training prepares officers not only for these specific scenarios, but also for their physiological effects.

Captain Russell said police officers would experience all the sensory effects associated with dealing with chaotic situations.

“Players in the missing role overtake them when they are trying to feel, experience stress, eliminate hearing, experience tunnel vision, mitigate threats or negotiate,” Russell said. I did.

This is simulation training, but Captain Russell said that time is important when it’s a real situation and life is at a loss.

“I don’t have much time to think critically … you’ll have to fall back and rely on your training,” Russell said.

That’s why he tries to make the scenario feel as real as possible, he said. Officers use simulations and empty ammunition to create active shooting scenarios.

“Injured victims, dead victims … people are in short supply … whether or not they are essentially confused, you need to draw a portrait of what you might be dealing with.” Russell said.

Officers need to develop strategies to stop shooters and save innocent lives.

“If we can stop the killings, we can stop dying, start treating the injured as soon as possible, and accept other first responders,” Russell said.

Russell said training can be made possible thanks to the partnership with Broken Arrow School.

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