“Broken heart” and “full cooperation” with police after Alec Baldwin shot dead Harina Hutchins on a movie set | Ent & Arts News

Actor Alec Baldwin said his “heart is broken” and he is fully cooperating with the police after the prop gun he fired killed the cinematographer on his new movie set. ..

In a series of tweets, he said:

“I’m fully cooperating with police investigations to deal with how this tragedy happened, and I contacted her husband and provided him and his family with my support. I am.

Harina Hutchins has been named a “new star” in the industry

“My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and everyone who knew and loved Harina.”

The woman who died is 42-year-old cinematographer Harina Hutchins, and the injured man is film director Joel Sousa.

Hutchins was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital, but was later sentenced to death.

According to actress Frances Fisher, Sousa was taken by ambulance to the Christos St. Vincent Community Medical Center, but was discharged from the hospital.

Baldwin was then seen weeping outside the sheriff’s office on Thursday. The detective said he was willing to make a statement.

A Baldwin spokesman who produced and starred in the film previously said there was an accident involving a misfire of a prop gun with a blank.

“The investigation remains open and active. No charges have been charged for the case. Witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives,” said Juan Rios, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. rice field.

Authorities confirmed that a woman died and a man was injured after Alec Baldwin fired a prop firearm on a movie set.
Baldwin (pictured) was seen weeping outside the sheriff’s office but declined to comment

Detectives are investigating what kind of projectile was fired.

According to an internet film database, Rust, who was scheduled to continue filming until November, is a boy about 13 years old left to protect himself and his brother after his parents died in Kansas in the 1800s. ..

Production of Rust has been discontinued, and the filmmaker said it offers counseling services to everyone involved with Rust.

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Harina Hutchins was the cinematographer for the movie “Rust”.

A former army officer and firearms instructor said, “The actor who fired the firearms also has to live with him for the rest of his life, so don’t hesitate to think about it. When these things happen, they’re terrible.”

Hutchins was named “Nova” by American Cinematographer magazine in 2019 and was the photo director of the 2020 action movie “Mutant” starring Joe Manganiello.

“It’s very sad to lose Harina,” Arkenemi’s director Adam Egypt Mortimer said on Twitter.

“And I was so furious that this could happen on the set.

Writer and director Joel Sousa
Writer and director Joel Sousa was treated at the hospital

“She was a wonderful talent who was absolutely enthusiastic about art and film.”

Mutant starring actor Joe Manganiello said he was lucky to have Hutchins as a cinematographer.

American filmmaker Elle Schneider wrote on Twitter: For some reason, to find peace in this terrifying, terrifying loss.

“Harina was filming RUST in the west when she died. Female cinematographers have historically been alienated from genre films. One of the rising stars who was able to break through was her in a project like us. It seems particularly cruel to have shortened my life. ” “

The incident is compared to the death of Brandon Lee, the son of the late martial arts star Bruce Lee, who died in 1993 while filming the death scene in the movie “Crow” at the age of 28.

The .44 caliber weapon used was supposed to fire a blank, but an autopsy revealed that a bullet remained near his spine.

A Twitter account run by Lee’s sister Shannon said: Don’t be killed by a gun on a movie set. period”

“Broken heart” and “full cooperation” with police after Alec Baldwin shot dead Harina Hutchins on a movie set | Ent & Arts News

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