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Tulsa, Oklahoma — On rainy days in the last few days, drivers at the intersection of 51st Avenue and Memorial are flashing too red.

With the patience of light clothing, the driver horned, struck gas, and shot the engine.

“I’ve seen a lot of madness there now,” said Laura Bales.

Bale’s told Two News that the traffic lights at the intersection had been flashing red in all directions since the end of last week.

Flashing red means a four-way stop that backs up traffic during the morning, noon, and night rush hours, even on Sundays.

“It’s ridiculous. I now have to drive a mile off my road to avoid that backlog,” Bales said.

But she is not alone. Problem solvers received other phone calls and emails complaining of “waiting for an accident,” “people protect themselves,” and “confusion about how to handle four-way pauses.” It was.

Bales et al. Said they reported these traffic lights.

“Then I drove back this morning, and it’s still flashing,” Bales said.

After receiving those complaints, we contacted the city. Officials said two news repair crews had been dealing with power issues at the intersection for several days and the lights weren’t working. However, officials said the lights would be working by the end of Wednesday.

And as promised, the city crew was at the memorial this Wednesday morning on the 51st, doing the necessary repairs. The traffic light is functioning normally.

“That’s good. I can go back to normal,” Bales said.

She is looking forward to a regular drive. The driver can see not only red, but also yellow and green.

2 News investigated why it took several days for the traffic lights to be operational again. The city said there was a power problem on the 51st and Memorial that the Oklahoma civil servant company had to deal with.

The PSO had to replace some lines, after which the city replaced some of the equipment it was responsible for. The power problem at the intersection started as an intermittent problem, so the diagnosis took a long time. The city used a generator on Wednesday to keep the intersection in operation during permanent repairs.

For tips on how to navigate the four-way stop intersection click here.

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Broken light at busy Tulsa intersection frustrates drivers Source link Broken light at busy Tulsa intersection frustrates drivers

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