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Broncos focus on ‘sense of urgency’ – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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ENGLEWOOD — Friday consisted of a long pass, a diving catch to the end zone, and a Vic Fangio head coach who ended the day saying there was no real separation between the two quarterbacks. A solid start gives Broncos, who was previously in this position, the confidence to tell others outside the locker room that their losing streak is over.

“For many teams and me, we’ve come up and say hi, we were able to make this. We have no right here. There’s a sense of urgency that we have to go. Protect the offensive Dalton listeners.

When it comes to listeners’ offensive line groups, guys like Lloyd Kuschenbury look more comfortable and show one of Friday’s top plays. Kushenbury came up with a big block against Alexander Johnson in the open field.

Newcomers like Quinn Meiners are also stepping up to prove he’s worth it wherever the coach staff places him.

“He’s doing a great job. Quinn Meinerz is a guy from D3 football and drafted in the third round. You have a lot of respect for his story, but he’s going to compete for work. He is a great player for us. “

Listeners aren’t the only veterans to see the guys in this group playing in one agreement.

Tight-end Noah Fant said, “I think it’s an attack not just for me, but for the whole thing. I’m familiar with our attacks this year. I have a good conceptual understanding of what we’re trying to do. I’m doing it. “

When it comes to who actually designs the offense, most players say it’s too close. Fant told the media that he personally likes to catch from both sides.

Broncos focus on ‘sense of urgency’ Source link Broncos focus on ‘sense of urgency’

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