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Denver (AP) —The next quarterback clash in Denver could be very successful in competing for John Elway and Peyton Manning to act as the public face of the new Broncos-owned group. I have.

Before you can bid for billions of dollars, you need to get rid of the pitfalls in your deck. However, it’s the same as homebuyers wanting to clarify the title for the new Dreamhouse.

As a result, Broncos’ parent company first told Judge Sherry L. Gilman of the Denver District Court that former owner Edgar Kaiser’s property could sell a franchise that Forbes estimates at $ 3.75 billion. Asks you to decide that you no longer have the right to refuse.

The trial over the partnership between Broncos and Vancouver-based ROFR Holdings will begin Wednesday and is expected to last for at least a week, with a ruling expected in November or December.

Pat Bowlen, who died in 2019 after a long match against Alzheimer’s disease, purchased the team from Kaiser in 1984. ..

The two daughters from his first marriage appeared to have paved the way for the sale by withdrawing the proceedings that challenged Bowlen’s will in July. Later that month, team president and trustee Jo Ellis said he hoped to resolve the long-term ownership story by the beginning of the 2022 season.

The proceeding was received from PDB Sports Ltd from ROFR Holdings. And Bowlen Sports Inc.’s May 2020 letter attorney suggested that if the team were sold, they would have the right to match the offer.

The letter stated that Kaiser had transferred shares in the contract with Pat Bowlen to ROFR Holdings, a company founded in 2005. ROFR is an acronym for Right of First Refusal.

PDB Sports and Bowlen Sports replied that the agreement that Kaiser sold its 60.8% stake to Bowlen in 1984 was no longer valid as it was personal and ended when Kaiser died in 2012. bottom.

A partnership-friendly ruling facilitates the transfer of the team from Pat D. Bowlen Trust to one of Bowren’s children (Brittany Bowlen, a preferred choice for 31 years old), or the sale of the franchise to external buyers. ..

The value of the NFL franchise has skyrocketed with new broadcast contracts and the adoption of sports gambling leagues that have become legal in many states, including Colorado.

Broncos is expected to bid over $ 4 billion. That’s a record for a US sports franchise, almost double the sales of the Carolina Panthers three years ago when David Tepper bought the team for $ 2.275 billion.

Kaiser lost to Bowlen twice in court. Once after Bowen bought two shares of the team’s brothers, another caused the first refusal right in 1999 when Kaiser claimed that Bowen provided Elway with a 10% slice of the team. rice field.

Manning said at the Super Bowl in February that he was closely watching the story of Broncos’ ownership. He and his family stayed in Denver after four years of running his star as a quarterback for Broncos, who culminated in a Super Bowl 50 victory.

Elway, the president of the team’s football business, will be another attractive frontman for billions of people looking to buy the team. He won two titles in his Hall of Fame career and was the architect of the franchise’s third championship.


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