Broncos vie for first place, aim to extinguish 11-game skid vs. Chiefs – Denver, Colorado

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Kansas City, Missouri — No filters are required for this game. There is no shade. There is no sunset heart hand.

It is independent as vibrant, bright and spectacular. After losing for five consecutive years without playoffs and losing for four consecutive seasons, Broncos sits at the doorstep of relevance. Do they politely knock and leave? Or do you kick the door (buzzing)?

Broncos vs. Chiefs ranked first in Prime Time’s AFC West.

Broncos owns an 11-game losing skid against the Chiefs — “There’s so much nonsense outside the building about Streak,” Garrett Borres on the left tackle snorted — and Peyton. That deep night I haven’t won in Kansas City since Manning refused to enter calmly.

The only Broncos player who has defeated the Chiefs is the kicker Brandon McManus. Against the backdrop of this ugly history, Denver is confident. Broncos escaped from the Chargers’ impressive strike and won three out of four games, admitting that he is “more talented than in the last few years.”

So is it safe for Broncos fans to peek over the cover or come out of the fetal position under the kitchen table?

My Denver 7 shows that Broncos is causing upset as a 9 point underdog.

Give the child a rock
With six Denver victories, there is an average of 32 carries per game. This is how Broncos stumbled upon Dallas. Rookie Jabon Williams makes his first start due to doubts about Melvin Gordon’s (hip / shoulder) play. He responded to hype and typing, with a bowling ball touching and rolling the defender. Williams is ranked 19th overall with 568 yards, with 4.9 pops. Gordon is more consistent, but with more carry, can Williams offer multiple angry runs? You will need them.

Protect the ball
Broncos lost the turnover battle in 9 out of 11 games during the streak, resulting in an overall minus 18. Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t flipped the ball for four games in a row. Important Sunday? Can he take care of the ball and seize the opportunity? Bridgewater had only three touchdown passes last month. You will need a few more splash plays.

First and long
The first Rounders of Broncos need to step up. They do not get enough production from Balls, Bradley Chubb, Noah Fant and Jerry Judy. Some are related to injuries, but this is an inexcusable league. To defeat the AFC bully, Denver’s most talented players need to play well.

Play keep away
A blueprint has been set up to defeat Patrick Mahomes. According to DNVR’s Andrew Mahomes, Mahomes is 3-12 with 65 starts when his opponent runs at least 49% of the time. But it’s not that simple. You must play lead or neutral to stay committed to the run. If Broncos lags 7-0, aggressive coordinator Pat Schulmer cannot do everything in the “emergency breakglass case” with his call for play.

Apply pressure
Mahomes threw 11 picks this season, which is one of his single season’s best records. However, he recently enhanced it with six touchdowns and one intercept in the last three games. Broncos must confuse him. He has fought two safe looks this season with one-to-one defense deviations. It is essential to cloud his head to prevent him from progressing seamlessly.

High and tight
Allpro’s tight-end Travis Kelce has averaged 130 yards in the last five home wins against Denver. Can the outstanding Patrick Sirtain II of the first round provide the answer? It’s worth exploring together using Safety Justin Simmons and Caden Sterns. Sateins that slow Kelsey can cause upset.

Special splash
The Broncos special team actually helped win the match in Sam Martin’s punt game last week. Upsets require unlikely moments. Dionte Spencer’s Punt Return can earn huge yards and fumble recovery. I believe when Fangio says this Denver team is better. If Broncos were at home, I would choose them. I don’t think it’s enough to win in Kansas City, where the life of December is 3-19 years old.

Troy Predictions: Chiefs 24, Broncos 20

Broncos vie for first place, aim to extinguish 11-game skid vs. Chiefs Source link Broncos vie for first place, aim to extinguish 11-game skid vs. Chiefs

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