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Given the favorable start of the next 7 years Paul Pierce / Kevin Garnett Trade, Boston Celtics Couldn’t advance to the NBA Finals before Brooklyn Nets I used them as a clear favorite.

It’s a shame.

Brooklyn officially weighed Jaylen Brownless C on Tuesday, ending a gentleman’s sweep on the home court, despite a clear lack of gentlemanly behavior from the lost city.

Before the season, we could have a pointless argument that Brad Stevens’ tactical skills could at least slow down Brooklyn’s Big Three, but we didn’t have the opportunity to build chemistry throughout the season. Like the Boston fraternity boy at TD Garden, these discussions didn’t hold water.

The series started on a whim and ended with Mike Breen’s “bangs” series. For James Harden and Brooklyn Nets. They move forward to confront Milwaukee Bucks.

The fact that Boston wasn’t a challenge is the sweetest part of this overall effort. If you’ve been taunting a franchise for seven years about its lack of a future, you can end up with friends who have been bitten by the same future before you know it.

Embarrassing the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets has to irritate fans who have cursed BK in the piercing / garnet deal.

There is no rewrite history. The piercing / garnet deal was a catastrophic failure for Brooklyn, including mortgaging a 50-year pick when Ubuntu was likely to have an EZPass.

But eight seasons to the dawn of a new era of Celtics that has been objective Better To date, neither team has long-lasting hardware. And only one team has a chance to win a trophy this summer.

Boston had three empty conference final trips, two LeBron James and one bubble heat, and despite a terrible unlucky defeat, they were still eliminated. Was it “almost” worth living seven seasons just to see Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decide to team up and steal lightning? Did you spend seven years trying to build an army of flops and lewd defenders, picking role players around the victory of Brown and Jayson Tatum, or watching the New York City team rise on Tuesday night? Did everything feel a little moody?

Irving, who said he would return to Boston as a free agent “if any,” decided that you didn’t have him and would instead want to be part of a fast-moving train. Durant, who was eager to join the Celtics as a free agent and was supposedly eaten with wine on the water by Tom Brady, chose the Golden State instead. Perhaps he wasn’t too interested in recreating Brady’s hero’s journey?

After all, even Brady got tired of it.

After eight seasons of provocation on Tuesday night, the depleted Celtics snuggled up to Brooklyn as the first round of washouts placed on the favorite pass of the estimated title. Boston had seven postseasons laughing at piercings and KG sweating and rumbling on their coats. They spent seven summers and looked down on the holes where D’Angelo Russell and Theopinson, Gerald Wallace, and Damian Lillard would have been. They had a free agent cycle after Danny Ainge’s free agent cycle to monetize his property for a missing piece, but that piece remains or is more sunny. I’ve seen repeatedly choosing to play on a good beach.

Anthony Davis (Through his dad) he said he would never think of Boston.. Irving was tasty and duck out. Durant didn’t even return to the mainland. And now, the 7-year “Gotcha!” Has officially ended.

Games, sets, matches: Big 3. I’m sorry, Boston. We were able to actually complete the trio. Good luck for the next 10 years.

Brooklyn Nets destroying Celtics in 5 is official end to Boston’s bragging Source link Brooklyn Nets destroying Celtics in 5 is official end to Boston’s bragging

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