Brooks: Walter Mondale’s urn rich in family and history

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The clay pot had been sitting at Mondale’s house for years.

Beautifully made and made to be used.Like everything off the wheels of the legendary Stillwater ceramist Warren MacKenzie..

Joan Mondale loved the pot. Of all the works of art she created and collected in her life, this was the one her family chose for her funeral jar.

Last week, mourners gathered around the same simple ceramic pot, and Walter Mondale took a break.

“Mom will approve,” said Ted Mondale, who carried eight blocks of heavy pots to his father. Memorial ceremonyEveryone, from the President of the United States to the University of Minnesota marching band, will pay homage.

When the Mondale boys first lifted their mother’s jar from the place of honor above the fireplace, the heavy pottery was lighter than expected.

“We picked up the urn, and it was empty,” he said. At some point their father quietly sprinkled ashes on the banks of the St. Croix River, freeing the pot for new purposes.

“It was in the house and she loved it,” he said. “I thought it was perfect.”

One beloved pot, which acts as a resting place for the two beloved Minnesotan, would have been suitable for the manufacturer.

Prior to his death in late 2018, Mackenzie manufactured functional ceramic parts. beautiful.. He wanted people to take his pots, plates and cups home. gallery When Museum Around Star..

“My dad was devoted to creating functional objects that people use in their daily lives, with beauty, craftsmanship and artistry,” said Tamsyn MacKenzie. “My dad stopped marking pots for many years because he wanted people to pick them because he liked them, not because they were named after him. . “

Warren MacKenzie loved making pots and loved people. Humble, kind, and endlessly generous, he loaded his car with tools and potter’s wheel and traveled the country to teach. “I don’t know where the next great potter will go,” he told his daughter.

Joan Mondale worked beside him at his Stillwater Studio.She was an American second lady, but the first word her family chose for her obituary was Ceramic artist.. Joan of the arts, they called her, and she left the world with a much nicer place than she found it.

Little can be said about Walter Mondale that wasn’t told by his monument, president, senator, governor, scholar, senior official, friend, and admirer. With laughter, music and tears, people exchanged Fritz Mondale’s stories for two hours without repeating anecdotes or running out of good things to say.

“Two weeks after his death, I couldn’t stop the service with all my grief,” said Ted Mondale, who has been working on memorial arrangements since his father died last April. “I didn’t change the word … he was a really great person and there was no repetition except for the core theme that people loved him.”

The Mondales, like Minnesota’s political symbol Hubert H. Humphrey, plan to rest him at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

Brooks: Walter Mondale’s urn rich in family and history Source link Brooks: Walter Mondale’s urn rich in family and history

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