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Broussard mom pleads with community as daughter, 20, battles COVID in overwhelmed hospital | Coronavirus – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Josepha Morgan doesn’t want another parent to experience what she’s experiencing, as her 20-year-old daughter is fighting for her life in a hospital overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients.

Brotherd’s mother, who is recovering from the virus, was informed Tuesday night that her daughter was unable to breathe and was on her way to the Baton Rouge hospital by ambulance. Kayla Scott was seeking hospital treatment for coronavirus symptoms two days ago when her mother noticed how Scott’s wind sounded on the phone. Scott was treated with steroids, IVs, and antibiotics on Sunday, but returned home after a chest x-ray revealed a spot of pneumonia, Morgan said.

A chest x-ray on Tuesday night revealed that pneumonia had spread throughout the lungs.

“She was unresponsive when she got there,” Morgan said Wednesday. “She was very inconsistent.”

Morgan learned that his daughter was using 100% oxygen on a non-invasive ventilator called BiPap in the Baton Rouge Department of Emergency Medicine because there was no ICU bed available. Her medical team wanted her to be ventilated, but couldn’t intubate until a new ICU building was built in a crowded hospital, Morgan said.

It took about 16 hours for Scott to be transferred from the emergency department to the ICU room.

20-year-old Keila Scott is hospitalized in General Baton Rouge with COVID-19.

“My kids have never been to the hospital without me,” Morgan said. “When my kids are sick or have to go to the emergency room, they are big babies and I’m a mama bear. I’m deeply involved in their care.”

Scott had been hospitalized twice in her life by this week, her mother said. Scott weighed only 1 pound, was 11 ounces at birth, and was on ventilator for the first two months of life. She was later hospitalized as an infant with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Today, Morgan must rely on occasional updates from hospital staff who are overwhelmed by more patients.

“I don’t know what’s going on. That’s the hardest part for me,” Morgan said. “I don’t dare call them and blame them because I know they’re being blamed. I don’t want to stop them from what they’re doing.”

Nurses at the Shreveport ICU are using social media to seek vaccinations for others due to the proliferation of delta variants throughout the state.

Scott lives in Baton Rouge with his uncle. She works at Flowers Bakery and takes care of her 6-year-old cousin while her uncle works and while she is away from school for distance learning. She is in a serious relationship, growing up and gaining independence, her mom said. Morgan said she usually talks to her daughter on the phone multiple times a day.

“Keira is very easy and chipper,” Morgan said. “I see myself in her. I can see in her many of the qualities I have.”


20-year-old Keila Scott is hospitalized in General Baton Rouge with COVID-19.

Scott is Morgan’s oldest child. Morgan also has 17 and 13 year old sons. She lost her two daughters shortly after her premature birth.

“Are all my girls taken away?” Morgan said, her voice broke. “Are you going to experience your daughter getting married or giving birth? That’s what I have in mind. I just leave these tangents.”

Morgan and Scott were each infected with COVID-19 separately in July, and Morgan believes he was infected with the virus from his 17-year-old son. Since his son was working in a restaurant at the time, employees were told not to wear masks and were not informed when staff were infected with the virus. Morgan and her husband also became ill, but her 13-year-old son had no symptoms and tested negative for COVID-19.

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Scott and her uncle, who were not as close as the rest of the family, became ill and soon after they tested positive for COVID-19. According to Morgan, the six-year-old child at home was soon transferred to another household and had no symptoms of the virus.

“I want people to know that COVID is here,” Morgan said. “It’s at our doorstep. It doesn’t matter what you think, believe, how you feel, or hear. It’s here. You have the potential to protect or defeat it. The only thing to enhance is vaccinated, social distance, wearing a mask and protecting yourself. “

HAMMOND — Kim Schehr did not consider himself at high risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 when he went on a family trip to Florida in July.

Both Morgan and her daughter have taken other precautions to prevent them from getting sick, but they have not been vaccinated. Morgan said he had booked a vaccination at a grocery store pharmacy at the end of June but was refused because he didn’t have an insurance prescription card.

“It was a little frustrating,” Morgan said. “It took months to decide to do this, and then we turned our backs.”


20-year-old Keila Scott is hospitalized in General Baton Rouge with COVID-19.

Due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant in early July, Morgan decided to book another pharmacy to vaccinate his family. Her 17-year-old woman tested positive for the virus on the same day she booked.

Scott was worried about his family’s health when he learned that his family tested positive for COVID-19 and wanted to be vaccinated but had to find a time that was consistent with his work schedule. .. Scott got sick before he was vaccinated.

“I remember people saying last year that this didn’t happen here,” Scott said. “They said it was out of the state, out of state, or elsewhere in the state. People don’t think it’s here. There’s a break.”

Morgan said he knew directly what was happening in Acadiana after seeking treatment for COVID-19 himself last month. She went to an emergency facility where she was referred to a monoclonal antibody injection. Infusions are most effective within 24-48 hours of onset of symptoms, but in mid-July the demand was so high that Morgan could not book an infusion until five days later.

Morgan was short of breath on July 19, three days after the emergency care visit and two days before the scheduled antibody infusion. She then sought emergency medical care at the Virgin Community Medical Center in Lourdes that night, where she waited about three hours to inject antibodies and was discharged later that night.

Those hours in the hospital were a wake-up call to Morgan about how serious the situation with COVID-19 became as the delta variant spread out of control and young people experienced worse results. Hospital workers were still overwhelmed this week before the cases soared to record levels.

“Patients were infected with COVID and were unable to breathe,” Morgan said. “And they would say,’We’re spiked this. We’re spiked this.’ And at some point, ER doctors had a sort of meltdown. Apparently people were calling to see if they had a bed and they were told no, and people were still appearing in the emergency room, and the doctor lost it Second, he said, “Why are you abandoning the three hospitals just to come here? They told me to go to the heart hospital because they can afford it, but they still I decided to come. “He was p —- d. “

Now that the hospital is getting more overwhelmed, Morgan is waiting for the latest information about her daughter. She is also focused on educating friends, family and communities about the reality of what is happening when COVID-19 hospitalization reaches a record high. Morgan said some people have decided to be vaccinated in the last few weeks in order to defend her.

Morgan is also calling on people to take special precautions to avoid the need for emergency medical care in overwhelming facilities.

“One of the big changes for us is that we are now paying more attention to the surroundings of our homes,” Morgan said. “My son helps me cook. He wanted to shred carrots, so I said,” No, no accidents will happen. ” We are doing safer things around the house to avoid boo boo. We don’t want to make an emergency trip to the hospital as you are waiting while more acute patients are seen. “

Broussard mom pleads with community as daughter, 20, battles COVID in overwhelmed hospital | Coronavirus Source link Broussard mom pleads with community as daughter, 20, battles COVID in overwhelmed hospital | Coronavirus

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