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Cassidy’s line change helped Bruins win Round 6, 5-2 and expand the series to Round 7 against Hurricane.

Bruce Cassidy’s line change worked as expected in Game 6. (AP Photo / Michael Dwyer)

Production outside of Bruins’ top three forwards was significantly short in the first five games of the first round series with Hurricane.

An unnamed skater named Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, or David Pastornack scored a total of five goals in the first five games, two from Taylor Hall and the third from Defense Connor Clifton. ..

So Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy decided to switch lines before Game 6. He returned to the line from Game 1. This was the line where the Bruins playoffs helped push down the extension of the season and played Pastornack. Play Jake DeBrusk on the 2nd and 1st lines.

Cassidy’s decision was rewarded. Boston won 5-2 on Thursday, scoring goals from center Erik Haula and Charlie Coyle. Defense Derek Forbolt scored his first goal since November in the middle of the third, Center Curtis Lazar scored an empty netter, defeating Bruins 5-2 and winning the game. Forced 7.

Cassidy’s decision to return to what went well at the end of the regular season was rewarded on Friday, but returning to the “Perfection Line” of Bergeron, Marchan and Pastornack after Game 2 will set up Thursday’s performance. He shared why it helped.

“Well, that is, to get back really fast, we didn’t think we came out of Carolina and couldn’t play well there. [in Games 1 and 2]”Casidi said. “The game went away from us because we didn’t finish well early. We got into a lot of penalty troubles in the second game. There was a lot of talk about what happened earlier this year. You need to block the noise, which can be difficult for the player, so can we go back to the formulas that we sometimes know to be successful and use that line to inspire the team a bit? I think the whole line needed it, not just the team. March (Marshan) and Pasta (Pastornack) suddenly started clicking, March found his game again, and Pasta too. That’s what we thought when we did it. “

Cassidy’s decision to regain the “perfect line” certainly worked in games 3 and 4. After scoring only 3 goals as a team in the first two games of the series, the trio combined 6 goals and 10 assists in games 3 and 4. To help tie the series.

Cassidy decided that the situation needed to change again, as Boston scored only once in a 5 to 1 defeat due to a scoring problem in Game 5.

“Today was the details of how successful we were earlier this year,” Cassidy said. “We’re back in the series, but it didn’t work in Carolina. Let’s get back to the group. [that got us here]include [Trent] With Frederick [Hampus] Lindholm came and helped. So that was the main reason. This is why we were so successful. We walked why we are good. In certain parts of the game, the D zone needed to be improved. Our shot blocking, lane sticks to get rid of some of their attacks all did it and did it well. So that was their previous job. “

Entering Game 6, Haula’s line couldn’t score a goal of equal strength without Pastrank so far in the series. Same as above for Coyle and his line.

Both of them changed on Thursday. Howra diverts a pass from McAvoy while in the third period slot, giving Bruins a 3-1 lead in the third period. Coil’s line scored evenly-strength goals in the second early stage when Marchan entered early for a line change on behalf of Fredrick, after Bruins forced a turnover in the neutral zone. Did.

Tomáš Nosek’s fourth line also helped him score two goals with Forbort’s goal, which extended the Bruins lead to 4-1. Nosek and Nick Foligno caused so much turmoil in front of the net that hurricane goalkeeper Anti Lanta dropped the stick and bounced off the hurricane player before hitting Forbolt’s shot from the blue line. That helped me set goals.

Before the game, Cassidy realized why the line he finally used worked in the past and why it could help keep the Bruins season alive.

“”[Changing the lines] Allow Howla and Hall [to play with Pastrnak], Pasta seems to be more responsive, “said Cassidy. “We tried many different people on that line but it didn’t work. Pasta is a world class player. I think he just gives them the confidence to play. Jake I’m fine in this series. He competed fiercely and we moved him. There was no problem and he played a lot with Bergy and March. As I said, we Reverted Frederick (Frederick) – Build a heavier body with Coyle and give us some continuity. You change the line for a reason in the process of the playoffs. You’re the right reason I want to make the right call at.

“Tonight it worked for us. In Round 7, we’ll do what we have to do in Carolina.”

Now, Cassidy’s team will return to Carolina for Game 7 on Saturday. So Bruins will look to see if the line change works and help you move forward or return to the summer.

Bruce Cassidy explained his thought process on changing Bruins’ lines multiple times in first-round series Source link Bruce Cassidy explained his thought process on changing Bruins’ lines multiple times in first-round series

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