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Deeper, tougher, and more disciplined islanders won the last three games to eliminate Bruins.

The 10th anniversary of my favorite day in Boston will be around next week.

Maybe it’s the same day when Bruins rolled around the city on a duck boat on Saturday, June 18, 2011, and at the Stanley Cup Championship for the first time in 39 years.

I think you do. I must feel you the same, and the memory remains vivid. The weather that day was a few more than perfect sunshine, so it was so idyllic that Instagram filters couldn’t make it look more beautiful than before. The air and mood were just as warm. Along the route of the parade, there were so many people you know. All of them were dazzling. There is no more parade. I don’t know if Saturday has improved.

Boston Running — I Must Always Pause and Count — The 12 Major Professional Sports Championships of the Century, Probably the Only Team Interwoven with Boston Fabric from the 2010-11 Bruins, 2013 Red It was a sox, and it wasn’t born Joy but tragedy. Ten years ago, hockey players in their twenties and a million fans felt like a community.

For the next 10 years, Bruins fans feel like they’ve never experienced it again. Instead, there are too many June days, like Thursday. The weather is nice. The collective mood is not.

Wednesday night, the once promising post-season quest ended with a 6-2 defeat to the Islanders in Game 6 of the second round of the playoff series. Deeper, tougher, and more disciplined islanders won the last three games to eliminate Bruins. Bruins dealt with injuries and curious positions during the season, but wasn’t upset about losing to Islanders. It was justice.

In Game 5, Bruins almost recovered from a 5-2 deficit and fell short of the goal before giving in. Late Bruins comebacks always seem to be possible, at least to some extent, due to their incredible memory from the three goal holes in the second half of Round 7 of the first round series with the Maple Leafs eight years ago. Looks like. with time.

But in Game 6 on Wednesday, there was no such suspend. Bruins’ fuel gauge was far beyond the sky when the motor finally stopped. Bruins gave up three goals in the second period. 4-1 Disaster. It was clear long before the traditional handshake line played by the islanders, and there will be another summer without a parade for Bruins.

One of the reasons Bruins’ 2011 Championship doesn’t feel so old is that some of the core players are still here and still stand out. Brad Marchan was a newcomer in 2010-11. He had Bruins’ only goal on Wednesday night. David Kleich was the top scorer in the playoffs 10 years ago. He fixes the second line. Patrice Bergeron was the best Bruins player at the time, but he is now the best player, and the “C” in the sweater further confirms his position as a franchise icon in real time. Tuka Rusk was a backup beyond the capabilities of Tim Thomas at the time. He is currently the greatest leader in Bruins history with regular and postseason victories.

All of them own a permanent place in Bruins folklore. But it’s impossible to avoid looking at them now and wondering why in the biggest games they couldn’t come up with a little more collectively. They have one cup, which is forever, but they also have a share of the loss that remains forever as an assumption. They were pushed away and lost to Bruce in Round 7 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals. In 2013, when Rusk gave up tying and cup-winning goals in the second half of Game 6, they were minutes from forcing Game 7 with the Blackhawks. Bruins has been knocked out since the second season in which he hasn’t reached the cup final since 2011.

This group of Bruins over the years has done so much, but the feeling that it might have been more is persistent. In the seventh round of the 2011 Cup final in Vancouver, Bergeron and Marchan each won an overwhelming 4-0 victory twice. They wiped out Canax on their ice, and the cup was waiting for a new owner in the hallway. What a victory! How can I do that? So where has the victory of such a statement been in the season since then? When the stakes were highest, Bruins decided to watch over the celebration instead of holding it themselves.

Kreich will be a free agent this offseason. So will Rask, where both his supporters and critics have points. He is one of the most accomplished goalkeepers in Bruins’ history, starting with a 3-0 lead in the 2010 Flyers playoff series and being very strange in his career. It is a mystery that experienced plot twist. To win the big one, and it was never his fault, the truth is that he couldn’t do it. If Bruins didn’t make a decision for them, it was time for Bruins to move on.

Bruins will be a remarkable team next season as well. David Pastonack is one of the league’s elite scorers. Charlie McAvoy has arrived as the next great Bruins defense. Bergeron clearly has no plans to age. Count me as one who wants to keep Taylor Hall, even though he didn’t work in the second half of the series.

However, the islanders have revealed a depth problem that is difficult to completely repair. Perhaps more changes are imminent than we are aware of. Probably more needed.

Bruins still has the familiar face that gave his name to the old cup. Their quest to do it again on Wednesday night was officially lacking for the tenth consecutive season.

It was not overlooked that the contemptuous and respectable enemy, the Islanders, played with the same ruthless attitude that Bruins flashed in Vancouver 10 years ago. They made Bruins look inferior.

And for the first time, June 18, 2011 felt like a long time ago.

Bruins’ core achieved so much, yet it could have been so much more Source link Bruins’ core achieved so much, yet it could have been so much more

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