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18-year-old Rysel was selected as 21st overall.

Fabian Rysel increased the size of the Bruins hat after being ranked 21st. Bruce Bennett

The Boston Bruins have been looking at Fabian Rysel for quite some time.

The COVID-19 pandemic threw everything into a loop. All teams faced the unique challenge of scouting future National Hockey League players from around the world.

Don Sweeney had a luxury in his Scouting department, especially in Sweden. In his eighth year, Bruins GM had a reliable scout for his former teammate PJ Axelson and a few other scouts who had been hunting down Lysel for most of the two years.Playmaking winger from Luleå in the Swedish hockey league found himself Ranked 9th in the NHL’s final Central Scouting Ranking Among European skaters. Still, he fell on the draft board as the reported character issue reached the public domain.

“Growing to be done for all young men and women, Fabian is no exception,” Sweeney said of Lysel’s out-of-ice personality. “I’m happy that he has grown into a young man and has made a lot of progress beyond that.”

Whatever the reason the character issued the label, Bruins didn’t hesitate. They liked what they saw from a dynamic playmaker, on ice or on ice.

Sweeney and the company proceeded with the plan without having to move up to reach their desired goals and chose Rysel in the 21st pick of the 2021 entry draft.

“It got really hot in the middle of the round when the team started jockey and we were part of it,” Sweeney said of the draft movement. “When the player we wanted was there, we were really comfortable and excited to make that pick.”

So what does Bruins put in Rysel every time Bruins arrives in the NHL scene?

Now, for beginners, he still has to grow physically. But even at 5 feet-10 pounds and 172 pounds. The 18-year-old has already gained some professional experience in Europe after showing Team Sweden’s strong performance at the U-18 World Junior Championships.

“It’s a difficult transition,” Rysel said in his introductory zoom call with Boston Media. “It’s certainly a tough league because it’s hard to play against the men’s team. It’s really competitive and you have to prepare for each game. It was obviously rewarding, but it certainly does. Was really fun, and being in that environment with the older people and learning from them helped me a lot. It was certainly a really fun year as it is what I bring to the future. ”

The little extra muscle and adjustment period in the North American game will only help complement his agility and aggressive skill set each time he arrives. And he’s not shy to challenge the enemy’s defenses with clever pack processing.

“I think I’m a dynamic player,” Rysel said. “I like to skate and challenge my opponents. I try to skate away from myself and stay in a dangerous scoring area.”

Rysel enjoyed the process, even though the pandemic forced the draft into a virtual setting for the second year in a row. He wants to do a long trek to Boston for the first time in early August for a development camp.

Except for conversations with Axelson, Sweeney, and a few other scouts, Lysel is unfamiliar with the organization. But that didn’t prevent him from learning about the club through a pair of rugged top-line playmakers.

“Boston is one of the best teams in the NHL. They have the following super good guys: [David] With pastonack [Patrice] Bergeron, the people I tend to see a lot, “said Lysel. “I think I just saw them. I know a few things about the team. I’ve heard great things about the city. As I said before, this is just a dream for me. I hope I can play hard there someday. That is my main goal right now. “

Rysel participated in the draft as one of the most skilled players in his class. After falling to the age of 21, Bruins hopes they have jewelry in Lysel, following the tendency to plague draft results during Sweeney’s tenure.

Bruins ‘excited’ with first-round pick Fabian Lysell Source link Bruins ‘excited’ with first-round pick Fabian Lysell

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