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Buccaneers.com 2021 Mock Draft 2.0 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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It’s Carmen Vitali’s turn to challenge the simulated draft process of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.com. See a comparison with Scott Smith 1.0.Carmen Vitali

Please try again with another Buccaneers.com mock draft. How lucky are you that Scott Smith and I are taking turns this year, offering new mock every week until the 2021 NFL Draft?

The usual arbitrary nature of simulated drafting is exacerbated by the fact that the Buccaneers do not make their first choice until the last pick of the first round. It can be even slower if you’re talking about a trade scenario, but be patient as we’re getting your feet wet here at #DraftSZN. I think Scott might have something for you next week, but I haven’t traded yet.

I’ve actually been pretty good at picking people to draft by the Buccaneers in the first round of the last two years of doing this exercise, but given Tampa Bay’s position, repetitive performance has become nearly impossible. .. I’m not bragging about it, but Tristan Wirfs was actually the first to choose 2020 for these exercises. But I didn’t see the deals up to number 13. And in 2019, I chose Devin White exactly in 5th place overall. Sure, I feel a lot of pressure if the first crack is correct, but the third time I don’t think so is attractive as the free agency is still approaching and Bucks is waiting behind the other 31 teams in the first round. Will be.

Qualifications aside, of course, this scenario is adopted on any day of the week (and twice on Sunday) as it means that the Buccaneers will be treated as “Defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers” during the next period. To do. Season.

Crack it without any further effort.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

Uh. As Scott said last week, Jaguar helped coordinator Lawrence Proday, so I’m not sure if you need any more evidence.

2. New York Jets: QB Zach Wilson, BYU

I don’t think I’ve been shaking a lot since Sam Darnold was drafted to 3rd place overall in 2018, so I feel sick. He is the third head coach and fourth attack coordinator in New York. It’s probably best for him to start over with another team. In short, Jet is in the quarterback with his second top three pick in four seasons.

3. Miami Dolphins: T Penei Sewell, Oregon

And I thought last year’s tackle class was good (and it was-especially good for Bucces). This may be even better, and Miami needs a little more insulation for the tour.

4. Atlanta Falcons: QB Justin Fields, Ohio

I woke up this morning and, like most mornings, chose violence … that is, I’m choosing an Atlanta quarterback with a mock that doesn’t allow this deal. Falcons gets another year of Matt Ryan to reveal his heirs under new head coach Arthur Smith.

5. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU

They won a quarterback last year, but how old is AJ Green, so do you now have more weapons for him?

6. Philadelphia Eagles: TE Kylepits, Florida

It’s no secret that common sense often avoids Philly in drafts. Oh yeah, they were able to go to the quarterback, but with long-time playmaker Zack Eltz almost certainly gone, they needed an alternative that Jalen Hurts was ready to throw. thinking. And let’s face it-Eagles doesn’t have a wide receiver.

7. Detroit Lions: WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama

But Lions are! They now have a shiny new (for them) toy in the middle and believe they can take a step forward under the very fierce Dan Campbell with Jared Goff. Now they are making him from a big time program to a big time playmaker.

8. Carolina Panthers: QB Trey Lance, North Dakota

time out. Can you imagine if the Eagles robbed Rance? Another North Dakota quarterback? Six would likely have been too expensive for Mac Jones, so Lance would have been considered the best available for that pick. But I resist that urge and give Carolina a lance who is still looking for something better suited to Joe Brady’s attack.

9. Denver Broncos: CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

This is a big draft for Virginia Tech, which has alum, and the Bruce Arians probably want to see it. This is not difficult, but Broncos needs help in the corner and Farley is one of the best.

10. Dallas Cowboys: CB Patrick Satein II, Alabama

The Cowboys also need secondary help, and aggressive efforts can easily be made here to help return to familiar front-line domination outside Dallas. However, the tackle class is so deep this year that I think I caught Surtain earlier than anyone else, getting a little creepy in the corner run here.

11. New York Giants: WR Devonta Smith, Alabama

The Giants take his teammates because Waddle was already off the board. This is certainly not a comfort award. They need a wide receiver. bad. And now they have won the Heisman Trophy.

12. San Francisco 49ers: QB Mac Jones, Alabama

Top 15 5 quarterbacks. This is the second most quarterback in the first round since 2018, with Baker Mayfield leading a five-person class including Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson. After Jones, the talent of the arm has also fallen so much that the 49ers are happy to welcome their man.

13. Los Angeles Chargers: Northwestern T-Rashon Slater

Scott and I are not only staff writers at Buccaneers.com, but also share another thing in common. We are both alums in the northwest. He thinks the slater is higher than this. This isn’t the best Wildcat has been drafted yet, but it makes me happy. It also makes LA happy, as Slater is a mountain of tackles and with his Northwestern wisdom, he should be ready to go on a professional level.

14. Minnesota Vikings: T Samuel Cosmi, Texas

Minnesota also needs the protection of Kirk Cousins ​​and has acquired another professional lady talent in Cosmi from Texas. Kosumi is versatile and plays both right and left tackles on the Longhorns, so the Vikings can use him either way as they keep track of their aggressive line composition. They used a combination of five different starting points this past season. But they have a greater need with the left tackle to keep their cousins ​​clean-that they couldn’t do this season.

15. New England Patriots: Pennsylvania State University LB Mika Parsons

Yes, Patriot thank you for asking a question and I was absolutely able to use a wide receiver here. However, I don’t care about Bill Belichick, head coach and general manager. When the Patriots first address one of their defensive needs, his defensive spirit wins. I don’t think Parsons can blame him after opting out of the 2020 season and seeing the results at Pennsylvania State University. He was a five-star new employee who graduated from high school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, producing some great work in the first two seasons. It’s Belichick’s audible music.

16. Arizona Cardinals: CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

The Cardinals made this year’s off-season splash by robbing Houston of JJ Watt, a little forced by wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who turned from former Texas to Cardinals. Whatever Hop said, apparently along with Chandler Jones’ culinary skills, I was convinced that Watt’s talent was best brought to the desert. Arizona is now further strengthening its defenses by adding back-level help.

17. Las Vegas Raiders: LB Jeremiah Owus-Colamore, Notre Dame

Scott and I agree with this choice and don’t want to overly complicate it with the Raiders who are in terrible need of linebacker help. Las Vegas can also use the Edge Rusher here, but from a Buccane point of view, I’m not dissatisfied with deciding to go in a different direction here.

18. Miami Dolphins: WR Rashodo Bateman, Minnesota

As the dolphin lines are almost squared, they are focusing on gaining more receiving capacity as the building blocks pile up around the tour.

19. Washington Football Team: WR Terrace Marshall Jr., LSU

It’s not entirely clear who will throw the Marshall Jr., but rumors swirl about Washington’s transfer from Alex Smith and the ball falls. In the real world where trading is allowed, Washington is one of the five callers who make several phone calls to move up the board for one of the five previously taken signal sender prospects. I think I will be alone.

20. Chicago Bears: T Christian Dariso, Virginia Tech

Hah. What does the Bears need now? They also appear to need another wide receiver along with Allen Robinson, who expresses his desire to be free from yet another turbulent offensive season in Windy City. Maybe with a little more protection, can Trubisky or Falls do something? * She says melancholy without thinking like honesty *

In reality, Bears has also become a trade watch, but that’s a problem for Carmen in the future to understand.

21. Indianapolis Colts: T. Tevin Jenkins, Oklahoma

It should scar people if Colts gets another good blocker along the attack line. They probably have one of the best units in the league to protect Carson Wentz’s experiments. Settle down as you see Indy surprise many people this year.

22. Tennessee Titans: EDGE Kwity Paye, Michigan

Paye is a huge yet very agile rusher of £ 6’5 and £ 277. Somewhere, head coach Mike Vrabel is now working on his pass rush potential.

23. New York Jets: RB Nagy Harris, Alabama

For clarity, I don’t know what this should happen. However, I suspect that New York holds the draft topic bushel and has already won the quarterback. Now they give him a pass catchback to help facilitate his transition.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: RB Travis Etienne, Clemson

Seeing Harris already off the board, the Steelers jump to Etienne before anyone else takes him. They will wait at the tackle or corner for now.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars: Northwestern University CB Greg Newsome II

Sure, you can blame me for the prejudice against the northwest, but Jaguar is pleased to see New Sam coming to them. Newsome is a long corner and does everything right. Jaguar has an aggressive star. Now is the time to strengthen your defenses, especially the depleted secondary.

26. Cleveland Browns: Edge Jeren Phillips, Miami

Phillips on the other side of Myles Garrett doesn’t want to see the NFL’s attack line. You may regret the playoff time next season.

27. Baltimore Ravens: WR Kadarius Toney, Florida

Give Lamar Jackson weapons. that’s all.

28. New Orleans Saints: CB Aaron Robinson, UCF

Saints need help at multiple levels of defense, especially in the corners. This year’s corner classes are fairly consistent, so the saints will take Robinson to match the slot corners in the NFC South district.

29. Green Bay Packers: Nick Bolton, Missouri LB

Yes, Green Bay needs a receiver. No, they aren’t going to take it. They also need the help of line backing and they get it at Bolton.

30. Buffalo Bills: EDGE Azeez Ojulari, Georgia

Bills proved that their powerful attack was not a fluke. Now they are looking to the defensive side of the ball to improve the pass rush, and I see another AFC Championship in their future.

31. Kansas City Chiefs: IOL Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC

It cannot be argued that the Chiefs’ line of attack was one of their major failures at the Super Bowl LV. It does not undermine the efforts of the Buccaneers’ defensive front, which dominated all night, but revealed the need for depth along the Kansas City attack line.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Edge Joe Tryon, Washington

Due to the large contract with JJ Watt, players at the defense front of the entire league may be adjusting their salary expectations when it comes to free agents. Among them is probably Shakir Bullet. If he departs, Bucks will need an edge presence on the other side of Jason Pierre Paul more than ever. Even if Barrett stays, the tryon can already add a terrifying rotation and hold the outside while former teammate Beata Bear eats up the internal blockers.

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