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Buck O’Neil’s legacy prevails with election to Hall of Fame – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-12-05 23:59:56 –

Kansas City, Missouri — The time of the legendary Buck O’Neil has finally arrived.

O’Neill Election To the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday night.

“It’s monumental, it’s monumental,” said Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro League Baseball Museum (NLBM).

According to Kendrick, the announcement was 15 years old.

“I know what this means for all the leagues of his fans who were with him at every stage. Fifteen years later, they would have thought they were tired. Buck O’Neil was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I was as vigilant as the day I delivered the news and let them know that he didn’t receive it, “Kendrick said.

Fans who now want to see O’Neill’s legacy set in the National Baseball Hall of Fame can feel relief, pride, and joy.

“He was a great baseball player, a great baseball mind, and a great baseball student, so we’ll talk about these things, but his legacy is passed down through this museum and the Negro League life lessons. “Buck O’Neil is so beautiful and vivid to all of us that we can take this life forward with love rather than hatred,” said Kendrick. Buck O’Neil fell in love. It is the lesson of life born from Buck that not only makes this museum so valuable, but also greatly enriches his heritage.

Kendrick said NLBM will work to carry on O’Neill’s legacy both inside and outside the field.

“The introduction of Buck O’Neil to the National Hall of Fame Museum will be one of the most important things that has ever happened at this museum. You’ll see the same level of galvanization around this magnificent museum. I hope that his spirit will lead the whole process to the truth, as he did after he left us, “Kendrick said.

As a former African-American baseball player, Jackson County executive Frank White said he hopes this will inspire young ball players of other colors to raise their heads in the game.

“For African Americans playing baseball today, when I was playing, it was probably 27% when Joe was playing, but now it’s below 5%. Now Africa. There aren’t many representatives on the team with American players. “White said.” This is where some of our young players go back to baseball and take over the African-American heritage in the game. I hope it’s inspiring. I don’t think it’s going to be any better for African-American ball players that Buck really participates in the Negroid League, and he wants to go back to the game. I think we’ve opened a big door to us. I think it’s there, and people really want to devote themselves. “

White also added that fans have been waiting for this announcement for 15 years, but it’s a sign that baseball is changing for the better.

“It gives us the hope that baseball is striving for change. Baseball is striving to say,” Someone may miss you or you may need to change something. ” .. I think that Buck’s inauguration at the end of the day today only gives hope to everyone, “White said.

NLBM said it would prepare to celebrate its announcement in Kansas City in one or more ways.

“Currently we are working on the Buck O’Neil Center. We are excited to be inducted into the Hall of Fame who knows what he has in, but we are ready for all additional support. “Kristen Harris says. A member of the NLBM board said.

After an important announcement on Sunday, the Negro League Baseball Museum said that Buck O’Neil’s legacy would survive.

“This is a big year for the Negro League Baseball Museum. Thank you back,” Kendrick said.

Buck O’Neil’s legacy prevails with election to Hall of Fame Source link Buck O’Neil’s legacy prevails with election to Hall of Fame

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