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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Data Crunch: Six games for the 2021 season, Tampa Bay’s attack is reaching a whole new height for the franchise, and Tom Brady continues to oppose his age in a more striking way Scott Smith

Some victorious kneelings required the Buccaneers to go out for the fourth 400 yards in 2021 on Thursday night in Philadelphia. Tom brady He was allowed to throw another pass that would probably have banked his fourth 300-yard game this season. However, these are quite pedestrian achievements at this time. The big picture is that this is the best attack the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have ever experienced.

After winning 28-22 in Philadelphia on Thursday night, it’s definitely the best start for six games of the season. The Buccaneers were the fourth 5-1 in franchise history and reached there primarily due to prolific attacks. In fact, Tampa Bay has never scored so many points in the first six games of the season., And in one other campaign, only more yards were added at this point.

Netyard total, Buccaneers history, first six games of the season

1. 2021: 195

2. 2020: 177

3. 2019: 173

4. 2018: 167

5. 2000: 150

Netyard total, Buccaneers history, first six games of the season

1. 2018: 2,697

2. 2021: 2,556

3. 2017: 2,355

4. 2019: 2,206

6. 2003: 2,203

Meanwhile, 44-year-old Brady is very likely to start a single best season with a quarterback in Bucks’ 46-year history. (Yes, Brady was born within 11 months of the Buccaneers playing the first game.) He already has a 2,064 yard pass and 17 TD toss. These are the easiest of the six franchise ledger games...

6 games, most yards through the history of the Buccaneers

Most touchdowns go through the history of six games, the Buccaneers


The number of Brady stands out in the history of the Buccaneers, but it’s also an advantage when compared to the rest of his unprecedented and unparalleled career that began in the 20th season as the New England Patriots. Brady is moving at a pace of 5,848 yards and 48 touchdown passes, admitting that these predictions include the 17th game for the first time. It definitely qualifies as one of his best campaigns..

Tom Brady, most single-season transit yard compared to 2021 forecast

1. 2021 Forecast: 5,848

2. 2011 season: 5,235

3. 2012 season: 4,827

4. 2007 season: 4,806

5. 2015 season: 4,770

Tom Brady, most single-season touchdown pass compared to 2021 projection

1. 2007 season: 50

2. 2021 Forecast: 48

3. 2020 season: 40

4. 2011 season: 39

5 tons. 2015 season: 36

5 tons. 2010 season: 36

Predicting Brady’s current number of only 16 games is a huge advantage over his best season of 5,504 yards and 45 touchdowns. It ranks second in both of the above lists.

Brady was intercepted by Eagles Safety Anthony Harris on his 25th pass at night, just before halftime on Thursday night. It snapped his team record streak of consecutive passes without interception, but he still beat the previous mark (his own record) by a considerable margin.

Most continuous passes without interception, the history of the Buccaneers

A week after recording his first down with Miami 33 times, the Buccaneers, a record for a single-game team in a game that didn’t work overtime, moved the stick 27 more times against Philadelphia on Thursday. It gave Tampa Bay 154 the first down through six games. “Record Breaking” Warning-This is also the first down the team has ever experienced in the first six slopes of the season. Not so surprising, it’s also the first down to go through at this point in the season.

Six games, the very first down in the history of the Buccaneers

1. 2021: 154

2. 2018: 152

3. 2017: 136

4. 2016: 133

5. 2019: 130

Six games, the first down to go through the history of the Buccaneers

1. 2021: 115

2. 2018: 111

3. 2017: 102

4. 2019: 88

5. 2016: 83

Brady had two touchdown passes with the Eagles victory on Thursday. Antonio Brown Tight end OJ Howard.. Brown’s 23-yard score in the first quarter was the 83rd in his career in the regular season.Brown was drafted by Pittsburgh in the sixth round of 2010 and has since been drafted. Only one player caught more touchdown passes (And it happens to be his current teammate). Brown broke his relationship with Jimmy Graham, the tight end of the list, on Thursday.

Most Touchdown Receptions, NFL, 2010-2021

Brown led Bucks in nine receptions at 93 yards against the Eagles, including the 27-yard key, which went down third on the final drive of the game.It kept his winning streak A continuous game where at least one catch is alive.It’s the longest active in the NFL..

The most continuous game played in the reception, active streak, and NFL

1. Antonio Brown, Buccaneers … 142

2 tons. DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinal … 132

2 tons. Julio Jones, Titans … 130

Despite failing to play in Buccaneer’s Week 3 against Rams, Brown has won 418 yards this season, just two yards behind the team leader. Mike Evans.. Chris Godwin It’s a little late at 409.It gives the Buccaneers 3 players with a passyard of 400 yards or more After the first 6 weeks of the season. No other team can match it.

Godwin didn’t score in the match on Thursday, but had five catches at 43 yards. It has moved him up in both the catch and yardlist so far in the history of the franchise. He is currently in the top 10 in both. On Thursday he passed Joey Galloway on the yard list and Vincent Jackson on the reception list.

The most accepted yard, the history of the Buccaneers

History of most receptions, Buccaneers

Tampa Bay’s defense also played a major role in securing the team’s fifth win of the season, with total yards (213), first down (16) and net pass yards (113) the lowest of the season.The Buccaneers also allowed and marked the Eagles to convert only three out of three tenths of down. Reduced opponents to a third down conversion rate of 30% or less for 3 consecutive weeks.. Only Baltimore matched that feat this season and did the same from week 2 to week 4.

Cornerback Jamel Dean It was a big part of that effort to contain the overtaking attacks of Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. He secured one Bucks night intercept in the fourth quarter, splitting a total of four passes. Games with four or more passes protected by an individual are not particularly common in the NFL … unless you’re Jamel Dean. Since arriving in Tampa as a third round draft topic in 2019, Dean has achieved that feat five times, more than double that of anyone else in the league.

Most games with 4 plus passes protected, NFL, 2019-21

in the meantime, Vita Bear On Thursday night, he led Buccane’s aggressive pass rush in one sack. This was actually the sum of the two half sack. Jason Pierre Paul When Shaquil Barrett Each. Both Pierre Paul and Barrett have approached Brad Culpepper on the franchise’s list of previous sack leaders.

History of most sack, Buccaneers

Each team received one interception Thursday night, but neither team failed, so the final turnover rate was uniform. However, the Buccaneers recorded a touchdown of the drive created by Dean’s interception, and the Eagles punted after Harris’s pick. Therefore, the Buccaneers had the advantage of having a 7-0 turnover point over the Eagles. This is nothing new. Since the arrival of defensive coordinator Todd Bowles in 2019, the Buccaneers have scored more points than any other NFL team.

Most Takeaway Points, NFL, 2019-2021

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 272

2. Baltimore Ravens: 240

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 219

4. Green Bay Packers: 200

5. New Orleans Saints: 19

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