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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-11-23 19:14:53 –

The state budget, signed last week by Governor Roy Cooper, includes millions of dollars for various projects across Beaufort County.

The budget will allocate $ 20 million. This is the amount that airport manager Earl Malpas said could change in the coming weeks: “Modernization of Washington Warren Airport, including landing areas and air navigation facilities, and real estate for these purposes. Used for acquisition. Attract new employment and economic growth, including existing sectors of manufacturing, shipbuilding and agriculture. ”Read the signed budget document. Funds will be allocated and distributed to the Washington Warren Airport Advisory Board.

In October, before the budget was finalized and passed, Beaufort County Economic Director Martin Johnson said the airport would undergo “significant improvements” when these projects were funded. He said their project could increase property taxes and jet fuel revenues and help the airport break-even.

Malpas said the funding for the development of the facility was “obviously a big deal.”

Other areas of state budget:

-Bath has been allocated $ 5 million to improve the sewerage system.

The state has allocated $ 2.5 million to the annex of Beaufort Community College in Aurora. The annex will be located within a new industrial complex that will be built within the boundaries of the town.

Chocowinity has been allocated $ 235,000 for a new emergency vehicle.

The budget also allocates $ 121,000 for repairing and refurbishing the Washington High School soccer field.

“This is a strong budget for North Carolina and will have a significant impact on eastern North Carolina,” said Keith Kidwell, a representative of Beaufort County in House, North Carolina, in a statement. “We are pleased to have secured $ 28 million in District 79 to support local communities, towns and infrastructure.”

Senator Ernestin Baysmore, on behalf of Beaufort County, said some items within the budget were needed, but they were “terribly inadequate” for Tier 1 County. The North Carolina Department of Commerce assigns each county a tier designation each year based on financial well-being. Tier 1 is the most painful and Tier 3 is the least painful. Beaufort County is at Tier 2. Several nearby counties are on Tier 1.

“Looking at the entire package (a very favorable budget), the eastern rural counties did not have a fair share compared to other counties,” Bazemore posted on Facebook last Wednesday. I mentioned in.

“… With all the money distributed from the federal level to North Carolina, the majority could not only go to more cities, big cities, Republican-led districts, but also give more money to counties throughout the state. I’m sure, “added Bazemore. “The rural areas of North Carolina should have received more, so I sought to secure more to keep my members useless. Therefore, I voted against the state budget presented today. rice field.”

Budget includes millions for local projects – Washington Daily News Source link Budget includes millions for local projects – Washington Daily News

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