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Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden’s election to head of the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden withdraws nomination after faced opposition from key Democratic and Republican senators in a controversial tweet I did.

Her withdrawal marks the first attention-grabbing defeat of one of Biden’s candidates. Eleven of the 23 cabinet candidates requiring Senate approval have been identified, most of them with strong bipartisan support.

“Unfortunately, it’s clear that there’s no way to get confirmation, and I don’t want to continually consider my nomination so that it interferes with other priorities,” Tanden said in a letter to Biden. I wrote in. In a statement, the president said, “I have the utmost respect for her achievements, experience and advice,” and promised to find her other role in his administration.

Tanden’s feasibility after last month, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and a number of moderate Republicans opposed her and quoted her nomination as her tweet attacking members of both parties. Was suspicious.

Manchin, a major moderate swing vote in the Senate, said in a statement last month that he disagreed: Management and budget. Meanwhile, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins quoted Biden’s own code of conduct against Tanden, saying, “Her past actions accurately describe the kind of hostility that President Biden promised to transcend.” It is showing. “

Tanden required only 51 votes in the evenly divided Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris acted as a tiebreaker. But without Manchin’s help, the White House would remain scrambled to find Republicans to support her.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, one of the Republican voters’ candidates, told reporters at Capitol Hill earlier Tuesday that she had not yet decided to nominate Tanden.

The White House persisted in her after many Republicans announced their opposition, and welfare and progressive as the president and CEO of the Center for American Progress’s liberal-oriented center made her a good candidate. For now, he insisted on her experience growing up in the background of working on various policies. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain initially claimed that the administration was “fighting our guts” for her.

At the confirmation hearing, Tanden faced a question pointed out about past comments on members of both parties. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent and prominent progressive member of Vermont, accuses her of making a “malicious attack” on progressives and whether he supports her nomination. Did not mention.

Tanden Apologies at the hearing To “people on the left or right hurt by what I said”. Shortly before the hearing, she deleted hundreds of tweets, many of which were critical of the Republican Party.

Collins quoted the deleted tweet in a statement, saying the move “causes concerns about her commitment to transparency.” She said Congress “must trust the OMB director to carry out the wording of the law and the intent of Congress and make countless decisions in a fair manner.”

Just recently Monday, the White House showed that it was sticking to Tanden’s nomination, and spokesman Jen Psaki noted that Tanden’s “decades of experience” defended their choice.

“Of course, we will continue to fight to confirm all the candidates proposed by the president,” Pusaki insisted, but added, “I will check if there are 50 votes.”

The head of the Office of Management and Budget is responsible for coordinating the Office of Management and Budget’s budget and overseeing various logistics and regulatory issues throughout the federal government.

Tanden’s withdrawal leaves the Biden administration without a clear change. Capitol Hill’s apparently strong candidate to replace Tanden was Shalanda Young, a former staff director of the House Expenditure Committee, which has been actively promoted by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Other names mentioned include Ann O’Leary, former Chief of Staff of California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Jean Sparling, Chief Economic Advisor to both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I will.

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Budget nominee Tanden withdraws nomination amid opposition | News Source link Budget nominee Tanden withdraws nomination amid opposition | News

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