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Chelsea Handler never misses the opportunity to strip to promote something. This time around, she celebrated her new stand-up special and sold her home for $ 10.4 million in a video of an undressed hot tub.

This is one of the surest ways Chelsea Handler To draw attention to her new HBO Max Stand-Up Comedy Special.Girlfriend Sitting naked in her hot tub In an Instagram video on February 23 to promote her evolution The show, and also celebrated the sale of her long-standing Bel Air property, which she had owned for 11 years, for $ 10.4 million. The 45-year-old talked about her special things in the video, but in the caption she talked about her home.

“There are many differences between the old Chelsea and the newly improved Chelsea. The old Chelsea found an annoying person and said to him,” You are very annoying. ” The new Chelsea is not. She just taps her joints, inhales deeply, and breathes, “said naked Chelsea, sitting in her luxurious hot tub at home and dragging her joints (marijuana is legal in California).

She continued. “The old Chelsea didn’t like the hot tub, nor did the new Chelsea. I’m just trying to open my heart. The old Chelsea didn’t clean up themselves and the new HBO Max new Chelsea. Done, you can know everything about her. It’s my new stand-up special evolution, And she cleans up after her, “Chelsea added when she got out of the large hot tub. With a buffUsing the peach emoji, I covered the naked Delière as I walked through the outdoor patio.

In the caption former Chelsea declares things The star writes: “The new Chelsea has just sold this house because the old Chelsea has become a little too comfortable. The old Chelsea wouldn’t have told a third party about himself and the new Chelsea wouldn’t want to talk about him. Now @ Check out my stand-up special evolution on hbomax. “

Chelsea Handler went to Buff to celebrate her new HBO Max comedy special and the sale of her longtime Bel Air home. Photo provider: MEGA.

Chelsea initially purchased 5,572 square feet of real estate Real Estate in Bel Air, California According to 2010 for $ 5.9 million New York post.. That’s E!Came in the middle of her third season hosting a late-night show Chelsea recently And it was her first home purchase. The publication said she accepted an offer of $ 10.375 million in early January 2021 after she first listed her home for $ 10.5 million.

Chelsea didn’t seem to be very sentimental about letting go of real estate, but her friends and fans were sentimental.Stunned companion Debra Messing Asked “You sold your house !!!! ?????” While user @ arika.jo wrote in the comments, “Seeing that house in your story You’ll miss it, but I can’t wait to see the new home. We love all your versions, Chelus !! “The comedian said,” @ arika.jo Oh, don’t worry. Just as Find something special! “

Others were more impressed with Chelsea’s body.Actress companion Melanie Griffith “You have the best boobs!” With a series of fire emoji. Fan @ i.am.blackie told Chelsea, “I hope it looks so good in the future … will Chelsea give you this Bod?” She said, “@ i.am.blackie, partly because I drink less. Except for Canada, where I need a marg after skiing!” Fan daren_jr told a funny woman: I am. I was inspired. Chelsea loves to be natural, even if she shares the joy of being undressed. Annoyed her There is no Instagram nude policy.

Buff to Celebrate Home’s 1.4 Million Sale – Hollywood Life

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