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Riverside, California 2022-05-18 14:42:37 –

Erie County confirms that the dispatcher has been on leave until disciplinary action is taken.

Buffalo, NY — 911 Dispatcher allegedly hung up a woman in a tops grocery store Saturday massacre I am currently absent from work.

The allegations came from Tops’ assistant manager who called during 2 OnYourSide’s live coverage of the shootings on Saturday. Latisha said he could hear the unstoppable gunshots and could afford to call 911.

“I tried to call 911, but I whispered because I heard his voice nearby,” Latisha said. “And when I whispered to 911 on the phone, the coordinator began yelling to me,” Why are you whispering? You don’t have to whisper. ” And I’m trying to tell her, “Wife, he’s in the store. He’s shooting. It’s an active shooter. I’m scared of my life.” And she said something strange to me, so she hung up on my face. And I had to call my boyfriend and call 911. “

In New York, 911 calls are rarely open to the public. The media has no access and usually requires a court order.

Erie County, which operates the 911 Communication Center through Central Police Services, confirmed that the case was under investigation and said, “Immediate action has been taken and the individual receiving the call is currently being disciplined. I’m on leave for a few weeks. “

Other calls that passed through it were properly dispatched and had a quick response. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says police were on the scene at Jefferson Avenue’s Tops Market within two minutes.

After a disciplinary hearing, the dispatcher may be dismissed or face other disciplinary action.

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