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Buffalo, NY (WIVB) – 10 people Killed on saturday Three others were injured in a white supremacist terrorist act at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue on the east side of Buffalo.

News 4 is working to find out more about the victims of the attack. One was a retired police officer. One was a butler. The other was the chief of the fire department. Everything was too early.

Now all the victims have been identified. This page will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

Aaron Salter

Year: 55
Residence: Lockport

Salter was a former Buffalo police officer who worked as a security guard at Tops. Officials said he shot a shooter in his chest, but the bullets had no effect because the shooter wore tactical body armor.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramagria praised Salter as “the hero of our eyes.”

“I was happy to know him. He is a wonderful person, respected and liked. This is just scary. It’s tragic. I don’t know any other words to explain it.” Buffalo Police Charity Association President John Evans said.

“I can’t say enough about Aaron Salter, a retired follower colleague who confronted this individual to save the lives of others,” said Erie County Sheriff John Garcia.

Loose Whitfield

Year: 86
Residence: Buffalo

Whitfield was the mother of Garnell Whitfield, a former Buffalo Fire Department Director. She was remembered as her beloved wife, mother, and her grandmother who was the main caretaker of her husband. When she stopped by her tops, she visited her husband at a nursing home and came back.

Her family holds Ben Crump, a national civil rights lawyer.

Pearl Young

Year: 77 77
Residence: Buffalo

She has been a member of Good Samaritan COGIC for over 50 years. That’s how James Pennington knew her. He described Pearl as a person who was happy and enjoyed making others happy.

“She was just a family,” Pennington said. She said, “She couldn’t have a bad day around her.

“She was the best man. She really looked the best,” he added. “So I hope people celebrate her girlfriend.”

Celestine Channie

Year: 65
Residence: Buffalo

Shanny is a survivor of breast cancer and is urging her family to ask people to wear the Pink Ribbon in honor of her. She shopped twice a month with her only son, Wayne Jones. Jones can’t shake the fact that she died while shopping for her.

“No matter what happens to your parents, you may be arguing or fighting. Take the time. You never know when they will be gone.”

Roberta A. Drury

Year: 32
Residence: Buffalo

Drury was adopted in Buffalo and lived with his family. Her brothers said they went to Jefferson Avenue Tops frequently.

She recently helped her brother recover from a bone marrow transplant.

Her funeral is held in Syracuse.

Hayward Patterson

Year: 67
Residence: Buffalo

Patterson was the butler of the Church of the God of Tabernacle, State of Christ, on Glenwood Avenue in Buffalo.

“I loved God. I loved his family. I loved serving the community,” said Leonard Lane, president of the Buffalo Fathers, who worships at church. “He did it on every occasion he could get.”

Margus D. Morrison

Year: 52
Residence: Buffalo

Andre McNeill

Year: 53
Residence: Auburn, NY

Geraldine Tally

Year: 62
Residence: Buffalo

Catherine Massey

Year: 72
Residence: Buffalo


Buffalo Zaire Goodman, 20 years old. A staff member of US Senator Tim Kennedy’s office, Zeneta Everhart, said her son Zaire was in the store when the attack took place. He survives, suffers a non-life-threatening injury, and rests at home. Everhart said his son was “really sacred.” He was released from ECMC.

Jennifer Warrington of Tonawanda, 50 years old. She was released from ECMC.

Christopher Braden of Rakkawana, 55 years old.

News 4 is working to learn more about the members of the community who were the victims of this attack. If you would like to share information, photos and memories, please contact us at

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