Buggie Drake at the bottom of the deck provides updates on his friendship with Alex

Romance at sea! Buggie Drake Being open about her new relationship and looking back on her time Alex Radcliffe During an exclusive interview with We weekly..

“We certainly remained close friends. I’ve said to quite a few people before, but that’s just the fact that we’re working on completely different boats. Often You’ll never be in the same place, “said Baggie. We Alex’s while promoting her new book Tablescape Art: Decorate your table with the Themed Queen It will be released on May 4th.

Buggie Drake. Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

She continued. “So we obviously aren’t going further beyond friendship. We don’t see each other very much, but you know, you never know what will happen in the future. I don’t know. If you take the same yacht again, it will be a little fun. “

Bugsy and Alex had a short frivolous relationship during Season 5 Under the deck med.. The two did not officialize their romance on the boat, but they reunited after the charter season was over.

“We’ve met, we’re back, and it’s like we’re seeing where we’re going from here,” Baggie said. See what happens with Andy Cohen In October 2020. “We are really good friends, but yeah we will see.”

The chief stew said he didn’t regret his time at the show, but there was a moment when he was a little embarrassed.

Under the deck Baggie Drake teases her new boyfriend her friendship with Alex Radcliffe
Bugsy Drake’s book “The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme”. Daniel Zuriani

“Above all, it was very interesting to see myself. Under the deck Season 5, like a hot tub with Alex. I had a very power outage, and I literally didn’t know what I did when I had a power outage, “Baggie told us the couple’s time together during the crew’s night out. .. “It’s definitely not regrettable. I remember going to the producer after that night and thinking” embarrassing “, so I think it was really fun to actually see what I was doing … it’s probably. It was one of the most blackout nights in my life and it was all captured by the camera. It was definitely cheerful. “

Bugsy isn’t currently seeing Alex, but she confirmed We She is dating someone new. The reality star isn’t ready to reveal her beauty yet, but hasn’t ruled out the possibility that things will get a little more serious in the future.

“It’s not at any stage so far that I feel it’s important to publish at this point, but it was a lot of fun because I saw someone I met on a yacht and he’s a great person.” She said.

Bugsy reveals that she has been “last year and a half” with her current boyfriend End of her time Under the deck med..

But for now, Baggie enjoys a love triangle Drama currently under development in the second season of Under the deck sailing yacht..

“It’s not new to BelowDeck because there are so many dramas going on and lots of love triangles. I don’t think it’s really new to any yacht. So it’s all sure which It would be interesting to see how it works, “Baggie said of the love triangle between them. Gary King, Aridoa And Sydney Zarba..

The situation seemed to be getting worse Mid-season trailer for the rest of the episode of Under the deck sailing yacht..

“Just do what you want and leave me alone,” Sydney says in a promotion to stews and co-pilots. Gary was already connected to the deck hand early in the season and is now moving on to flirt with Ali.

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Buggie Drake at the bottom of the deck provides updates on his friendship with Alex

Source link Buggie Drake at the bottom of the deck provides updates on his friendship with Alex

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