Build Back Better Act: What will it do for Texas? – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-11-07 10:30:26 –

Congressman Marc Veasey and US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo discussed plans for Texas internal politics this week.

Regain better behavior

NS Regain better behavior – One of President Joe Biden’s priorities – Finally Passed through the house last week.

Democrats have been fighting for it for months, and certainly are trying to do a better job explaining spending plans and what that means for Texas.

Mark Vizy, who represents a large area of ​​northern Texas from Fort Worth to Dallas, said: Inside Texas Politics From his office in Washington, DC, he said there should always be disagreements.

“Of course, you don’t want it (there is never a disagreement in public,” Veasey admitted. There are many other traffic. “

“It’s going to be good for Texas, and it’s going to be good for America,” he added.

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo also discussed what the plan would bring to Texas.Includes a universal Pre-K program, wider access to high-speed broadband internet, and reduced medical costs.

“Most of the press focuses on slogans and monetary amounts, and in reality this is just a matter of helping Texas people spend the day, the week and work. Take care of the family. “Mr. Lymond said.

Reflection on the election

Republicans won some big races last week – and they did it without the help of Donald Trump. Will this ease the pressure for Republicans like Governor Greg Abbott to go with the former president? And what about the Democratic Party’s reaction to last week’s elections? Are they now in 2022, or are they late?

Public Division of Texas Election Law

Friday with the University of Texas Texas Tribune In particular, we announced a new 2022 election vote number on how Texas people feel about the change in voting law.

Texas is almost evenly divided on whether the law should be stricter, less stringent, or left alone. But polls have gone deeper to ask if the electoral system discriminates against races and ethnic groups.

Los Ramsey, TribuneSaid that the biggest takeaway from polls was a clear division of the faction.

“Like many of these questions, Democrats think this (law) is discriminatory. Republicans think it’s not discriminatory,” he said.

Prop A fails

In Austin last Tuesday, voters categorically rejected Proposal A. It was a measure that Austin would have required to hire more police. The firefighters there even fought it.

However, the group behind Proposal A – Save Austin Now – does not disappear. They are planning the next move.Co-founder Matt Mackowiak Inside Texas Politics What they see next, he said, believes the city will hire hundreds of officers next year as a result of public pressure. And while that may not be the level that Prop A’s proponents were looking for-two cops for every 1,000 residents-Mackowiak said it was better than nothing.

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