Building a wellness program is easy

We believe that a company’s ability to be creative and productive is directly related to its employees’ sense of well-being at work.

An organization’s bottom line benefits from a contented workforce: lower employee churn, improved productivity and innovation, better procedures and better execution, to name just a few benefits.

We’ve developed a detailed list of the top workplace wellness practices to employ to enhance your company’s well-being in order to wow and gain the loyalty of your workers.

Offices and work environment.

Did you know that more than 9 out of 10 employees believe that a well-designed and equipped workplace directly affects their motivation?

To add some fun and personality, feel free to put posters or stickers on the walls!

Set office nooks without chairs.

Workers’ health is put to the test by sitting in an office chair for hours on end. Make it possible for them to work while standing up, either on a yoga ball or a pouffe.

Changing the work environment can break the monotony, freshen up ideas, and therefore increase productivity.

Height-adjustable tables.

Installing height-adjustable desks (electric or manual) is also a great idea to improve employee well-being.

Indeed, such a table will allow you to change your working position during the day and avoid the fatigue of sitting for hours on end.

Encourage creativity by creating collaborative spaces in your offices.

Why not use this as an opportunity to foster teamwork inside your organization? This will encourage your staff to interact with each other, which will lead to a greater sense of teamwork and a higher level of innovation.

Use a free office to turn it into an “idle” living room.

You can do two things at once with this idea: you can recover unused space and foster employee friendships by providing them with a place where they can talk about whatever they want, as long as it’s not work-related.

Your workplace should have some greenery.

Your workers will feel more connected to nature if they have a little greenery in their workplace.

A 2010 study proved that one green plant per workplace can significantly increase the good mood of those around you.

Build a playroom.

New employees come from the “gamer” generation. In other words, video games are an integral part of their lives. To show their appreciation, provide a specific space where they may have their lunch break.

Eating healthily at work.

After ending Friday night in pots around an indestructible package of the chip/peanut duo, opt for healthy food by offering julienne vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.) to your employees. For those with a sweet tooth, add things like hummus or teriyaki to them.

Fresh fruit delivery every week.

To keep your employees from pouncing on traditional cakes or chocolate bars at lunchtime, deliver fresh fruit regularly and, like Google or Facebook, give it to your employees for free. It was not very expensive, and everyone loves fruit!

Organize a cooking class by hiring a “health food” chef.

What could be better for team building than in front of the stove: do you also smell that pleasant smell of salmon with lemon and steamed dill?

Even if you hire a chef on a monthly basis to teach your staff how to make nutritious meals, it won’t cost you much per person and will have a huge influence on your teams’ health.

 Keep your staff from drinking sugary beverages at work.

Instead of buying iced tea or fizzy drinks at the store, make your own iced tea at home! Vitamin breaks may be as easy as a glass of water with a touch of lemon or an orange with no additional sugar.


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