Bulgarian Prime Minister Stumbles Badly in Polls

“YDo not OU Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov stood terribly in the snow shortly after the polls on April 4 were completed. Pollsters predicted that a man who had ruled Bulgarian politics for more than a decade would lose some of his former stellar support, but he predicted he would do as bad as he really did. I didn’t. Currently, Mr. Borisov is busy proposing the formation of a technocratic government that he will probably rule, albeit behind the scenes.

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Mr. Borisov is sticking to power with his fingernails and is hanging for weeks while the shocked leaders of the party who joined Congress are seeing if they can form a government. With 26% of the votes, his party is the largest, but the majority of members of other parties have nothing in common, except that they hate him.

Bulgaria is the poorest country in EUThe economy is a quarter larger than when Mr. Borisov first became prime minister in 2009, but unemployment was a problem. Currently, there is a shortage of labor. Especially because so many Bulgarian immigrants. Last year, the country was upset by months of protests by people tired of decades of deep-seated corruption, political interference with the judiciary and arrogant oligarchy.

Former bodyguard Borisov has come to power with a promise to eradicate corruption. Now, political scientist Dimital Bechev says, “Tough man, man’s behavior has been worn down and he has come to symbolize all the bad things in the country.” Last year, as a scandal swirled around him and his party, a photo leaked showing him in bed with a pistol on a bedside table and a note of € 500 ($ 595) in a half-open drawer. It was done. Borisov said the photo was manipulated.

These protests eventually failed, but the anger of the demonstrators has now been translated into parliament in the form of three anti-Borisov parties. The biggest is led by Slavi Trifonov, the host of the talk show and frontman of Ku-Ku Band, a musical combo that includes “Duck’s Head Stripping” on the album. He refused to campaign in elections. Analyst Marin Lessenski says the strategy was successful. “Everyone was able to project their expectations on him.”

Trifonov claims he has symptoms of covid-19 and hasn’t said anything since his party came in second with 18%. His preferred political mode is criticism and protest, says sociologist Boliana Dimitrowa. He was probably shocked by the recognition that his unexpected success meant that he had to take some responsibility for the future of the country.

Dimitrowa found it impossible to form a new government, in which case a new poll is likely to take place in July or is short-lived with limited powers supported by anti-Bolisov parties. The technocratic government is expected to take the lead. Until a new vote is held in parallel with the presidential election scheduled for October.

Mr. Lessensky is not very sure. Mr. Borisov has been revoked before and has previously “proven a master tactician,” he says. He secured parliamentary support from Mr. Borisov, in addition to the party representing the Turkish minority in Bulgaria, which may somehow be persuaded to let go of their anti-Borisov principles. I’m thinking of trying.

Up to € 29 billion over the next 7 years EU You can pay the funds. Reaching out how it is legal or not being used can act as a “great incentive” to join the government. ■■

This article was published in the European section of the printed version under the heading “Bye bye Boyco?”.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Stumbles Badly in Polls

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