Bulldogs win turnover battle, bounce back with 17-0 win at Wyoming – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-10-16 19:57:22 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Wyoming (4-2, 1-1) has been in Fresno (5-2, MW 2-1) since the first match in two weeks and was out of the national ranking.

“I felt like I had beaten them in their own match,” said head coach Kalen DeBoer. “We took care of football and increased sales.”

Bulldog entered with the top pass offense in the country, but senior quarterback Jake Hayner was held down to 96 passyards.

Instead, dog defense was a story that came with the best five takeouts of the season (the most since the five takeouts against UNLV on October 18, 2019).

“I lost my place in the top 25 and gave up,” said defensive end Kevin Atkins. “We couldn’t blame the one who beat us, so what are we going to do to be better? That was our message throughout the week.”

Evan Williams built his career with two intercepts. “Our defense came in the spirit of having to be us,” Williams said. “I had that sour taste in my mouth for two weeks … we had to live with it.”

It was the second shutout of the season since defeating CSU Northridge 41-0 in 1974, but the first. “I’m most excited to find different ways to win. I think this is a sign of a great football team,” DeBoer said.

The Ronnie Rivers were the main rushers who ran the ball 22 times at 73 yards.

After a defeat in Hawaii and Byweek, FS returned to Wyoming. The Cowboys War Memorial Stadium, at an altitude of 7,220 feet, is the tallest DIFBS College Football Stadium in the United States.

After the start of the three-out, Kerman graduate Sean Chambers failed and Eliya Gates recovered to set up a dogs drive on Cowboys 41. 2 yards touchdown.

Wyoming was driving to start the second quarter, but due to the first interception of the junior defensive back season, a biased pass fell into the hands of Evan Williams.

Before Cesar Silva missed the 40-yard field goal, they exchanged punts and gave Wyoming the ball at 2:00 in the first half.

The crime continued to struggle to start the second half. Rebel Bailey tilted another chambers pass leading to the Malachi Langley interception returned to Wyoming 6. Hayner discovered that Jaylen Cropper extended the FS lead to 14-0.

Williams escaped in the fourth quarter with the game’s second interception and Dogs’ fourth takeout of the day. Silva hit a 41-yard FG to 17-0.

After Dogs, I will return to Japan on October 23rd. FS retires Lorenzonir # 22 half-time (4-1, 1-0) against Nevada.

“I think this will be a really big game for us. Fans need to show up. 40,000 people need to yell and do everything they can to win,” Hayner said in Nevada. Said in the game.

Kick-off is set at 4 pm

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Bulldogs win turnover battle, bounce back with 17-0 win at Wyoming Source link Bulldogs win turnover battle, bounce back with 17-0 win at Wyoming

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