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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-14 17:42:13 –

Broad View Heights, (WJW) – FOX 8I team We went behind the barrel of the gun and on the other side of the protected glass to see the latest ways to protect your child’s school.

On Tuesday, the I-Team camera rotated for a demonstration of the latest bulletproof material. This is the school’s latest protection against gunmen trying to rampage.

At the Stonewall shooting range, I found a crowd of police officers and school security officers checking it all and asking questions.

Weing Legory, Managing Director of Eversafe Security Solutions, said:

He presented the group with new materials to reinforce doors, windows and walls.

All reinforcements withstood beatings from pistols, shotguns, and baseball bats. One of the bulletproof protections is about as thin as paper.

Meanwhile, I was worried about the cost. I-Team has discovered that it can cost $ 250 to $ 350 to cover walls and doors.

We also asked if recent school districts can provide this type of security.

Ohio School Council Tim Del Vecchio said the district is currently competing for a $ 5 million state grant.

Akron School has already installed similar protections in some buildings.

Demonstrators point out that shooting at school is generally rare, but it can happen anywhere.

“How can I strengthen the front door without looking like a prison?” Delvecchio said. “You buy car insurance. I don’t think you’ll have an accident, but it’s a good habit to be prepared for this.”

According to security experts, the new bulletproof protection is being scrutinized by businesses and churches to enhance security.

Attackers often come to the front door or back door.

“We are aware of where these vulnerability points are. We don’t have to put the entire window film across the school,” said Tim Dimov, a SACS consulting and research service.

The state grant deadline is approaching in just a few weeks. As a result, some new security measures may soon be seen at nearby schools.

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