Bullets from deputy-involved shooting pierce nearby home – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-10-19 00:56:33 –

Vancouver police are cracking down on the case

Vancouver, WA (KOIN) — Shemeah Soriano heard a shooting while playing a computer game in his family’s living room around 2:30 am on Sunday. She took off her headphones and “heard three gunshots again.”

Worried and confused, she got up from her computer desk and found a hole in the ammo.

“I panicked,” she told KOIN6 News. “I went to my grandma’s room.”

The bullet hole she found is one of at least 12 holes in a mobile home where Soriano lives with her brother and grandmother. The shooting was reportedly due to a shooting involving a police officer who killed a suspect armed by Clark County lawmakers.

The person did not pull, so the agent chased. Agents used their car to block the suspect, but authorities said the suspect would get out of the pistol-armed car and would not obey orders to put it down. So the policeman shot him. The suspect (not publicly identified) died on the scene.

One of the holes in the ammunition appears to be the same height as the chair Soriano was sitting on. She said the bullet hit her back or head if it moved only a few feet away.

“Oh, I was saved. It’s a miracle, and it’s a blessing that I’m alive,” she said.

Authorities contacted by KOIN 6 News refused to answer questions about the case because the investigation was still in its infancy. They said they were expecting an update in the next few days. The members involved are on leave, which is the standard procedure in these cases.

The Southwest Washington Regional Independent Investigation Team is investigating.

Shemeah Soriano said the family couldn’t wash their clothes now because the bullet that pierced the laundry room damaged the washing machine. She is still upset.

Police also did not look at the holes (of the ammunition). They were just focusing on the dead man. They left us with the front door open for hours. “

And she added another one.

“It’s very dangerous because there are people living here. They shouldn’t have done that.”

Bullets from deputy-involved shooting pierce nearby home Source link Bullets from deputy-involved shooting pierce nearby home

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