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Buncombe Co. man arrested, charged in connection to financial fraud and vehicle theft – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-10-16 11:07:08 –

Buncombe, NC (WSPA) – A man has been charged with more than 25 felony charges in connection with financial fraud and vehicle theft at Buncombe.

Property crime detectives and fraud investigators at the Bancom County Sheriff’s Office have charged Vancom’s Rason Douglas Harris, 23, with 37 criminal charges.

According to BCSO, Harris was detained by an agent on October 15 when he was in possession of a stolen vehicle and stolen goods.

The charges filed against Harris are as follows:

  • 6 counts of felony intrusions and car intrusions
  • Two counts of car felony theft
  • Possession of a stolen car felony
  • 9 counts of felony financial card theft
  • 5 Counts of Felony Financial Card Scams
  • 4 counts of felony theft
  • 4 counts of felony probation violations
  • One felony that pretended to be false and acquired property
  • 5 counts of misdemeanor theft

He is currently detained in Bancom’s detention center.

BCSO said Harris has been associated with several individuals recently charged with similar crimes by BCSO. They believe they are the leaders of groups of individuals who have committed car theft, mail theft, and intrusions and intrusions in the Arden, Fletcher, and Hendersonville areas.

In July 2021, BCSO arrested Angela Michelle Queen of Waynesville, Christian Tyler Jammerson of Fairview, and Megan Earwood Pack of Fairview, and stolen mail in the Old Fort Road area of ​​Fairview, personal information. He was charged with theft and numerous charges related to theft.

According to BCSO, as part of the investigation at the time, a real estate criminal investigator executed a search warrant at a company on Swan Nano Aliver Road. The suspect took credit cards and checks from stolen mail and used them illegally in local stores.

Bancom’s Wesley Brian McClary, 29, and Vancom’s Jonathan Philip Marshall, 34, are still sought after by BCSO.

According to BCSO, McCrary has been wanted since July and has been charged with the following charges:

  • Two counts of felony counterfeiting of musical instruments
  • One count of felony financial card theft
  • One count of felony financial card transactions
  • One count of felony personal information theft
  • One count where a felony did not return the felony of the rental property
  • 1 case of stolen goods
  • One count of felony gets property by pretending to be false
  • One count of misdemeanor theft

Marshall is sought by BCSO for three counts: felony counterfeiting, instrument vocalization, felony assistance and felony counterfeiting.

BCSO said the detective had executed multiple search warrants and recovered a large number of stolen vehicles and U-Haul trucks during the six-month investigation. The total amount of items collected has so far exceeded $ 200,000.

This is an ongoing investigation by BCSO and additional charges are pending.

Buncombe Co. man arrested, charged in connection to financial fraud and vehicle theft Source link Buncombe Co. man arrested, charged in connection to financial fraud and vehicle theft

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